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Countdown to Trump Inauguration

With the upcoming inauguration of the president-elect down south, CKUT’s News Collective would like to share some thoughts from Masha, a member of Russia’s Pussy Riot.

Pussy Riot is a feminist protest punk-band-meet-art-collective that uses performance and music to disseminate their defiance. The group’s “guerilla performance” in 2012 at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow brought them international recognition and a two-year jail sentence for mocking Vladimir Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church’s support for the, then, presidential candidate.

In 2016, Pussy Riot again spoke out against the American president-elect. At the time of the interview, Trump was the Republican candidate for the 2016 Presidential election. In response to his success, two songs – “Straight Outta Pussy” and “Make America Great Again” – were released. Both their lyrics and music videos challenged his demonstrated misogyny, racism, and classism.

When asked about Trump, Masha described him as “a crazy asshole.” The interview further explores why tactics employed by feminists in the US and Canada cannot be compared with feminism’s tactics in the Russia, how the rise of Trump resembles that of Putin, and how the media can distort public opinion about struggles against the status quo.

The CKUT News Collective would like to encourage its listeners to go out and show solidarity with DC’s disruptions of Inauguration Day in Montreal.


Police Wife: The Secret Epidemic of Police Domestic Abuse

Police violence in the United States and Canada has dominated the news over the past year. This violence typically focuses on abuse and excessive force by officers against the public. Recent revelations of police violence against indigenous women in Val d’Or, Quebec, only illustrate the immediacy and severity of this issue. CKUT’s Anna Marchese spoke to Alex Roslin about another aspect of police violence: domestic abuse. Roslin is co-author of “Police Wife: The Secret Epidemic of Police Domestic Violence,” an investigative report that explores why officers are 15 times more likely than the general public to be domestic abusers, and why they consistently get away with it.

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Living on the Streets: Toronto vs MTL

Source:“>Download here

On March the 15th, the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) officially released its report Out in the Cold on the state of the Toronto shelter system . The study’s findings are based on numerous interviews with service users and workers. It points out to a shelter system in crisis, plagued by constant overcrowding, harsh living conditions and a city government unwilling to take action.

Source: OCAP report “Out in the Cold”

CKUT reporter Chloe interviewed one of the writers of this report for a summary of the OCAP’s findings. Some of the statistics are hard to believe. For instance, 81% of the people surveyed stated that they had been denied a shelter bed because the shelters were full (see the chart above)! Equally shocking, in most shelters occupancy levels exceeded 90% every night. This is highly problematic given that  overcrowded shelters lead to a high stress environment, a poor night’s rest and health issues. Luckily, OCAP volunteers and engaged citizens are taking action against this situation. Check out this video to get an idea of the scope of the protests happening in Toronto. 

Francois Boissy

To get a sense of the state of the shelter system in Montreal, we also interviewed Francois Boissy who is the director of operations at La Maison du Pere, one of the largest homeless shelters in the city. He points out some of the differences between the way the cities of Toronto and Montreal deal with their homeless populations.

Aside from the administrative aspect of the shelter systems of Toronto and Montreal, an important question remains: “how does it feel, for people on the ground, to experience the shelter system in both cities?” Michel, an ex-homeless man that lived on the streets for two years from 2009-2011, explained to our reporter his personal experience with Montreal shelters. In this fascinating interview he talks about the reasons why he became an itinerant in the first place, the different shelters he slept in,  food conditions and how shelter services helped him get out of the streets. We are truly grateful for his trust in sharing this story, the full interview is available for stream and download below.

Download here

More More I want More!

  • For the history of the Toronto shelter system click here. 
  • Find a critical (but pretty short!) analysis of the Montreal shelter system here
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Artist and Refugee Speaks: Islamophobia, Intersectionality, and Integration in Canada

Sentiments of the neighborhood.

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CKUT correspondent Claudia Edwards spoke with a queer Muslim refugee from Iran about his personal experiences with cyberbullying, and with xenophobia, Islamophobia and homophobia while living in Canada. The difficulties that come with the integration process, along with the services and kinds of support that would help to better serve the refugee community, are also explored.



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Solidarity Across Boarders marches for Canada to “Ouvrez les frontières”


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Justin Trudeau’s Montreal office (529 rue Jarry Est) was the venue for a demonstration under the banner of Solidarity Across Boarders.

“Ouvrez les frontières!” chanted attendees as a marching band played and people danced. Hot chocolate was served for all on the chilly Sunday afternoon of December 13th.

Amidst the fanfare, the demonstration was a serious call to the nascent Liberal government and their current stance on immigration and non-status workers living in Canada.

In light of Canada’s current acceptance of Syrian refugees, Solidarity Across Boarders is urging the government to take their immigration policies a step further. This includes the regularization of current non-status people who are working without documentation, further relaxation of immigration laws, and a halt to the arrest and detaining of already vulnerable individuals.

The rally was also held to denounce racism, in particular islamophobia that has contributed further resistance to immigration.

After a public address was made (some of which can be heard above), the rally marched over to rue Saint-Denis and down to Jean-Talon.

Among the speakers were representatives in support of non-status women living in Canada, and Mexicans united for regularisation.

For more information on their campaigns, or to get involved, please visit Solidarity Across Boarders

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Vigil in solidarity with prisoners rallies on Palais de Justice steps


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Mois contre les prisons hosted a rally at the Palais de Justice on Tuesday, December 1st. Banners were unfurled on the front steps of the courthouse with messages in support of prisoners and decried the current state of the Canadian prison system, which has been steadily deteriorating in the wake of austerity-driven budget cuts.

An array of passionate speeches delivered by the members emphasized the conditions faced by prisoners and detainees alike. Excerpts from the event can be heard in the above audio.



Canada Demonstration

CJFE Setting Ground for Montreal Police and Independent Journalists

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Canadian Journalists for Free Expression (CJFE) mediated a meeting between some members of independent media and the Montreal Police on September 21st, to bridge existing disputes between the two groups. At Montreal demonstrations and rallies, the police have often been acting aggressively towards the protesters, kettling and using force on them. The journalists have been victims of attacks as well if they happened to be indistinguishable from the protesters and looked unconvincing to police.

Although members of the police portray violent accidents as simple misunderstandings, their forceful acts restrict journalists’ rights for free expression and oftentimes result in physical damage. CJFE brought the two groups together for a possibility of establishing ground rules of conduct lest further instances of brutality occur. CKUT’s Kateryna Gordiychuk talked with Tom Henheffer to find out more.


Egyptian coalition decries delay in verdict of Mohamed Fahmy retrial

Photo credit:
Photo credit:

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An Egyptian court has recently postponed the verdict to the retrial of the Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy and of his two Al Jazeera colleagues, Peter Greste and Baher Mohamed, to August 29. In December 2013,Fahmy, Greste, and Mohamed  were arrested and charged with allegedly being involved with the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization under the Egyptian military dictator Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. In June 2014, all three were convicted and sentenced to prison in Egypt, a common practice against journalists and political opponents of the Sisi regime. They have since been retried.

CKUT’s Emma Noradounkian brings you a report with a member of the Egyptian Canadian Coalition for Democracy (ECCD), Mohamed Kamel, who shared his thoughts on the future of these journalists and of that of Egypt as a whole under Sisi. The interview was conducted in French.

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Black Lives Matter – Toronto coalition made a ‘day of action’ to seek justice and call end to justice brutality.

Day of action, Monday 27 July.

Photo credit: Jalani Morgan,


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On Monday 27 July, the Black Lives Matter Toronto coalition held a “day of action”. The goal: call for an end to police brutality and to seek justice after the death of two black men – Jermaine Carby was shot at a traffic stop and Andrew Loky was killed in an apartment building- in the past year.

Desmond Cole, a black Toronto writer and activist, says: “This is not about people inconvenienced for one night in the highway. It’s about almost 30 years of police brutality against one community. That’s how people should view this”.

Alexandria Williams is one of the co-fondators of the Black Lives Matters Toronto coalition. We asked her about the action, and the coalition and its motivations.

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Challenging Medical Care: Interview with Anishnawbe Health Center in Toronto

Image Credit: CBC

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We are used to thinking about health care corresponding to Western medical treatment standards. What about all those Aboriginal communities in multi-ethnic Canada that do things the other way, how do they get treated by medical institutions? Very often other approaches to health treatment is perceived skeptically by mainstream medical institutions and there are no alternatives offered to patients wishing to be treated in other ways.

CKUT’s Kateryna Gordiychuk talked with James Carpenter, a traditional healer in Anishnawbe Health Center located in Toronto. The Anishnawbe Health Toronto is a network of medical institutions that promotes “the model of health care [which] is based on traditional practices and approaches and are reflected in the design of its programs and services”. The center’s values are built around the concept of “cultural sensitivity” and “cultural safety”, which helps the center to [honor and respect the hopes and dreams of those who first envisioned a healing center for the Aboriginal Community of Toronto”.

“Anishnawbe Health mission is to improve the health of Aboriginal population in mind, body, spirit [and] emotion, by providing traditional healing within a multidisciplinary healthcare model”.

~ James Carpenter

James provided CKUT with detailed explanations of why the center’s job is important and what kind of services it offers. He also remarked that Anishnawbe Health Toronto pays attention to a variety of social, family, economic and historic factors that influence the well-being of its patients, in addition to medical and biological symptoms present. In this way, the center recognizes the importance of cultural background of those that are treated and expresses cultural sensitivity towards the issues at hand.


Pre-Moving Day Live Housing Panel

Image Credit: magazine
Image Credit: magazine

Click HERE to download the Mp3 file.

On the eve of July 1st, the Moving Day, CKUT Community News Collective got to renew a tradition of holding a Housing Panel on June 30th to inform our listeners about their housing rights as tenants and answer some of the pressing questions. Anouk Millet, Aaron Maiden and Sheila Ferrando along with Emma Noradounkian, who helped with topics research, sat down with Emilie Joly of FRAPRU, Alexandra Pierre of Project Genesis and Fred Burrill of POPIR to discuss the housing questions that are always asked, but the answers to which are hardly known by many.

Did you know about this right?

If it’s your move-in day and there are obvious problems with your apartment, you can “refuse to take a position at a dwelling”. Take pictures to prove it!

~ POPIR & Project Genesis

The panel consisted of roughly three categories such as basic rights, Régie du logement, rights in application and campaigns as well as activism. Kateryna Gordiychuk was live tweeting to get the word out for those who couldn’t listen, and to get radio-lovers and housing rights enthusiasts to participate.

Did you know about this right?

“Your lease renews automatically. Under no circumstances you have to leave your apartment. [… Moreover], the landlord is responsible for the temperature of your apartment”. Montreal’s winter doesn’t seem so scary now, huh?


The housing panel was not only an informative information session for everyone interested, but also a great way for CKUT News Collective to discover a potential for live-panels and in-call questions.

Did you know about this right?

“Rental contract is an agreement between a leaser and a leasee. I say, sign, and complain!”


Read our tweets posted during the live panel HERE. We thank everyone who made the panel possible and special thanks is to our knowledgable guests!

Canada Immigration Law

Bill C-24 Interview with Fuerza/Puwersa


Credits: No One Is Illegal


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A year ago, when Bill C-24 “Strengthening Canadian Citizenship” was being discussed, a statement was issued by several groups, such as No One Is Illegal, Solidarity Across Borders, Fuerza/Puwersa and more. They renamed the bill the “Stealing Citizenship Act” in light of their criticism.

Lalo, member of Fuerza/Puwersa was interviewed by CKUT member Anouk Millet. He came back on the criticism and gave more insight on the impacts of the bill on immigrants, located inside or outside Canada.

Canada Immigration Law

Bill C-24 Interview with BCCLA’s Executive Director


Credits: BCCLA

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Since it passed in June 2014, Bill C-24 “Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act” has been very controversial. Many groups have opposed the bill from the very beginning. One of them being the British Columbia Civil Liberties Associations. The organization has recently put in place a petition to stop the bill and has issued a statement in which it reaffirms its commitment to challenging this new law in the courts.

CKUT member Anouk Millet talked to Josh Paterson, BCCLA’s executive director.

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Festival des Solidarités 2015 – Interview avec Roger Rashi


Credits: Alternatives


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Le 13 juin prochain aura lieu la 3eme edition du Festival des Solidarités, coorganisé par Alternatives et Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung— Bureau de New York. Le thème de cette année est l’austerité, avec trois questions centrales: comment poursuivre la mobilisation à l’automne? comment intégrer les luttes environnementales à la mobilisation en cours? quelles leçons politiques tirer de la lutte européenne contre l’austérité?

Anouk Millet, membre du collective d’actualités de CKUT, a discuté avec Roger Rashi, le coordinateur des campagnes chez Alternatives. Il nous parle de l’organisation du festival, de la crise politique et économique au Canada, et d’alternatives aux politiques d’austerité.

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Manifestation Anti-Déportations par Solidarité Sans Frontières


Credits: CKUT

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Solidarité Sans Frontières a organisé une marche dimanche 31 mai en solidarité avec les immigrants et les sans-papiers qui arrivent toujours plus nombreux au Canada. Deux groupes sont particulièrement en danger dans les prochaines semaines: les zimbabwéens et les haitiens, dont le moratoire sur les renvois a été levé lundi 1er juin. L’organisation nous dit que plus de 3500 personnes sont touchées par ces déportations, rien qu’a Montréal.

Anouk Millet a pu discuter avec Romina Hernandez, porte parole de Solidarité sans Frontières et Serge Bouchereau du Comité d’Action des Personnes sans Statut, tout deux présents a la marche. Ils nous parlent plus en détails de la situation des immigrés au Canada.

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Première émission de la voix des immigrants

Photo credit: Favianna Rodrigue

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Le monde évolue. La société se transforme. Citoyens et citoyennes de 4 coins de la planète bougent. Pour toute savoir sur leur présence au Canada, écoutez la voix des immigrants. La voix des immgrants – une émission d’informations qui vous renseigne sur les immigrants au Québec et au Canada.

Écoutez la première émission du 27 novembre 2014.

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«Solidaire pour faire échec à la guerre»


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Pour En Profonduer, Leila Lemghalef nous a cherché les commentaires d’un militant paléstinien, une citoyenne québécoise, ainsi que de Raymond Legault du Collectif Échec à la guerre lors des actions de protestations contre la participation canadienne à la troisième guerre en Irak. L’évènement du 26 octobe 2014 a été organisé par le Collectif Échec à la guerre et l’Alliance canadienne pour la paix.

En profondeur

Entrevue avec Noé Arteaga sur l’exploitation des travailleuses et travailleurs temporaires au Canada




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Nous vous présentons un reportage au sujet des conditions que doivent affronter aujourd’hui les travailleurs temporaires au Canada. On vous invite à écouter ce que nous a préparé Stefan Christoff, en entrevue avec Noé Arteaga qui s’exprime contre les structures du gouvernement conservateur envers les travailleurs migrants et immigrants.


photo par Stefan Christoff de Noé Arteaga activist, IWC


Naomi Klein Book Talk in Montreal – “This Changes Everything: Capitalism Vs. the Climate”



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Naomi Klein was in Montreal on September 16, 2014 to launch her new book, “This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate” at the Imperial Theatre. The event was organized by Riccochet Media, and recorded by CKUT Radio.

For more information on her new book, or to order a copy, visit:

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Solidarity Across Borders raises money for Ivonne Hernandez


Brunch poster


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On Saturday May 10, 2014, Solidarity Across Borders organized a brunch to raise
money for Ivonne Hernandez, a Mexican immigrant fighting to stay in Canada with
her one year-old son. Just like Ivonne, more than half a million people
in Canada live without papers today. The fundraiser attracted families
and friends in an effort to raise awareness about the problems that
immigrants face.

We talked to Ivonne, as well as Bruno, a participant and Renata, a woman who came from Hungary with her family two years ago to escape discrimination.

Please visit Justice Pour Ivonne’s website for more information.