26th Anniversary of the Montreal Massacre: Panel Discussion

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In commemoration of the Montreal Massacre that happened on December 6th, 1989 in École Polytechnique, CKUT’s Off the Hour hosted a panel discussion to analyze the event once again and the impact it had on the feminist movement and gun control laws.

CKUT’s Rose Woolhouse, Kateryna Gordiychuk and Emily Enhorning had a chance to speak to Maureen Bradley, a filmmaker, who produced a short documentary in 1995 titled “Refraiming the Montreal Massacre”; Rose Marie Whalley, a community radio programmer and a board member at Center for Gender Advocacy; and Kevin Vowles, a Community Engagement Manager for the White Ribbon in Toronto, that empowers men and boys to take a stand against violence directed at women and girls.

The panel tried to unveil the social circumstances within which the crime against women occurred by addressing the issues of gender violence in general and the work done to prevent it in the aftermath of the event.

Although, the speakers said that the issue receives much more acknowledgement nowadays, they emphasized the persisting facts of violence against women and girls in modern society.

83% of all police-reported domestic assaults are against women. This pattern is consistent for every province and territory across Canada.(Canadianwomen.org)

A big part of discussion was dedicated to the media portrayal at the time of the massacre and how the news reporting consequently framed the public’s reaction to the crime. Maureen Bradley, one of the speakers, produced a documentary “Reframing the Montreal Massacre” two decades ago to address this issue.

The matter of violence against women is not an issue for feminists only, but it must be recognized and acted against by all societal structures. Kevin Vowles, one of the speakers, talked about his extensive educational work with White Ribbon, an organization that teaches boys and men to react to gender violence.

What I see when engaging men and boys is that they are willing to come forward, stand up, and say something when they see violence and rape culture happening. White Ribbon encourages men and boys to move away from harmful gender norms.  When men and boys start truly getting in touch with their emotions (transcending toxic masculinity), moving away from straight anger, we can end violence against women.

– Kevin Vowles shared with CKUT after the panel discussion

Listen to an insightful discussion on the framework in which the Montreal Massacre occurred and its consequences. Rose Marie Whalley, one of the panelists, also provides a live account from the feminist demonstration held soon after the crime.

Psychologist Francoise Susset reacts to Ontario decision to ban “sexual-reorientation” therapy centers for minors

conversion therapy

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On June 4th, Ontario has become the first Canadian province to definitely ban “cure therapies” against homosexuality for minors. These therapies will be available for adults but it will not be possible to get a refund from health care programs anymore.

These type of treatment against sexual diversity are still allowed in all others provinces across Canada, Quebec included.

CKUT’s Antoine Cadaux wanted to focus on LGBT youth issues through this decision. Here is an interview with Francoise Susset, psychologist  at the Institute for Sexual Minority Health. They discuss the conditions to create a safe society for sexual minorities and young people struggling with gender stereotypes.

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Gender Based Violence in Myanmar


[audio https://ia601507.us.archive.org/19/items/WINGSMyanmar/WINGS%20Myanmar.mp3]

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We bring you a brand new doc from CKUT's very own Portia Larlee who is based in Yangon, Myanmar [formerly Burma].

Portia probes deeply into what people say, think, and do about Gender Based Violence in a country that has a mythology of equality and a reality of subordination.

This documentary was produced for WINGS, the Women's International News Gathering Service, that looks at gender based violence in that south east Asian country. Speakers include a parliamentary minister, a taxi driver, a Buddhist nun, and more. For more information, check out http://www.wings.org.

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Take Back the Night in Montreal – Feminists March for a Safer Concordia

(Photo: ACAB Media)
(Photo: ACAB Media)
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This past Friday November 21 was the annual Take Back the Night march hosted by Concordia Center for Gender Advocacy as part of their ‘A Safer Concordia’ campaign. The march from Guy Concordia to McGill campus opposes gendered and sexual violence and  promotes safe public spaces.

Produced for the CKUT news collective by Celia Robinovitch

Bill C-36 Leaves Sex Workers Unprotected


Bill C-36, The Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act, has passed in the Senate, infuriating many people who work in the sex industry, as well as their allies. Despite its title, C-36 does everything but protect communities and exploited persons leaving sex workers outside of police protection and more vulnerable to targeted violence and exploitation than ever. CKUT’s Sula Greene spoke with STELLA’s Robyn Maynard about the implication of Bill C-36 and the ongoing targeting of sex workers in Canada.

Gabrielle Bouchard interview on Quebec government gender discrimination


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In gender justice news, The day after Saturday’s Trans pride day, the Centre for gender advocacy has taken legal action against the Quebec government to change laws they say are discriminatory toward’s the province’s trans and intersex people. CKUT’s Hailey Mackinnon brings us an interview with Gabrielle Bouchard of the Centre for Gender Advocacy.

Montreal’s Trans Pride Day


[audio https://ia902506.us.archive.org/29/items/TransPrideDayMay2014/trans%20pride%20day%20may%202014.wav]

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Trans Pride Day, or Journée Fierté Trans, was held Satuday, May 3rd at the Comitè Social Centre Sud. The event comprised of a day of lectures and a gala in the evening, with presentations about legal issues, the challenges and realities faced by parents and children who are trans, the history of HIV/AIDS for trans women, intersex activism, and more. This piece features the voice of Danielle Chénier, Presidente of the ATQ (Aide aux Transsexuel(le)s du Québec) who has been an organizer with trans pride day for ten years. This report was produced by Jaime Maclean.