Nov. 18, 2009 ~ Angela Davis on CKUT’s Long Term Memory Radio

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Today on the show:

Angela Davis is an American political activist and university professor who was associated with the Black Panther Party for Self Defense and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee.

Today, Davis continues to work for racial and gender equality, gay rights, and prison abolition and is a popular public speaker, nationally and internationally.

On October 1rst, she delivered a speech entitled  “Media, Race and Power: The Case of Oscar Grant”.


OFF THE HOUR ~ Nov. 17 2009

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On October 23rd, activists from the Alliance Romaine returned to Montreal after completing a series of marathons spanning 1500-km across Quebec to raise awareness and political will in opposition to a hydroelectric project that they say will endanger the Romaine River in Northern Quebec.

We’ll hear an interview by Tom from CKUT’s Community News Collective with Chris Scott of the Alliance Romaine, who ran across Quebec as part of this campaign.

Also today on OFF THE HOUR: Honduran President Manuel Zelaya was forced into exile following a military coup in June. He staged a return to Honduras on September 21. Thousands of Hondurans defied the coup regime’s orders and gathered in front of the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa, where Zelaya was in refuge.

Steve Steward was in Honduras for several days in September. In this segment, we hear Steward’s interview with the Red-Eye show on Vancouver’s CFRO Radio.

But, first up: The McGill Daily student newspaper brings you their weekly roundup of audio reports from the McGill campus and beyond.


En Profondeur – 16 nov. 2009

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Off The Hour ~ Nov. 13 2009

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On this edition of the program, we’ll hear about the Vancouver based Pacific Rim mining corporation. In this segment, researcher and anti-mining activist William Castillo responds to questions about the National Coalition Against Mineral Mining, the challenges and succeses in the movement against mining, and what Canadians should know about Pacific Rim’s lawsuit against  the Central American country El Salvador.

But, first we turn to global climate change. We’ll hear an interview with Jim Hoggan, who is co-founder of the blog and co-author of the new book Climate Cover-Up which uncovers the greed and selfishness of the climate change denial industry.

And as the world prepares for the Copenhagen climate summit in December, we will talk to Felix Von Geyer and Grace Barasso, who are actively
following the developments taking place around the world as nations try to come together next month to forge a new climate agreement to
replace the expiring Kyoto Protocol.


Prison Radio ~ Nov 12, 2009

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The Avalanche takes on ablism in the mainstream media

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On today’s show the Avalanche discusses a play called “The Miracle Worker.” This  broadway musical tells the story of Helen Keller, the famous writer, reformer and academic, who was born visually impaired and hard of hearing.  However, the producers of the play did not select a disabled actor for the role of Helen. A theatre critic for the New York Times talked about this on CBC Radio lately — The Avalanche says he was dissing the people with disabilities. The Avalanche is joined by Diane Dupuy, founder of Famous People Players theatre, to discuss the topic.

We  also listen to a clips from a show called Handi-Link, which is broadcast on CJAM radio in Windsor, Ontario. Handy-Link’s host Cam Wells speaks with Tracy Walters, National Director of Independent Living Canada.

But first up on the show : Best Buddies is an organization that helps to find companions for people with disabilities.  Stefan spoke to members of Best Buddies chapter in and around Montreal.

Stay tuned!


Off The Hour, Nov 10 2009

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Featured on today’s episode:

-The latest from the McGill Daily newspaper, with their weekly feature, Unfit to Print.

-Groundwire: grassroots coverage of local stories and progressive perspectives on national and international issues. Groundwire is a project of the National Campus and Community Radio Association.

-Discussion of open pit mining by Canadian companies in Mexico.