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A Demand for Social Housing: Blue Bonnets Demonstration in C.D.N.

CKUT News spoke with Jen from the Cotes-Des-Neiges Community Council regarding the Blue Bonnets public demonstration, which took place the morning of June 22nd. The demonstration raised awareness and increased engagement towards the development of a large social housing project, proposed for the now-empty lot near Namur Metro.

This piece was produced for CKUT by Claudia Edwards

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What is a Solidarity City? : A Migrant Justice Workshop


On June 14th, organizers for the Solidarity City Campaign hosted a workshop about how solidarity, mutual aid, support work and direct action can be implemented in order to further strengthen the voices of undocumented migrants, to increase visibility of their struggles, as well as to build a stronger support network within the city of Montreal consisting of undocumented people and their allies. CKUT spoke with the organizers beforehand, and an excerpt of the workshop presentation follows the interview.

This piece was produced for CKUT by Claudia Edwards.

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Moving Memory: Difficult Histories in Dialogue

From June 8th-15th the exhibition entitled Moving Memory: Difficult Histories in Dialogue was hosted at Concordia University’s Curating and Public Scholarship Lab, a space dedicated to ethnographic research and exhibition in the aftermath of violence. The exhibition focuses on the Armenian and Roma genocides, while proposing creative solutions to museological and scholarly conflicts around commemoration. CKUT spoke with Anique Vered, the organizer of the Public Panel Relay event which took place this Tuesday in connection with the exhibition. Vered is an artist­ researcher and cultural consultant.

You can also check out, a website where you are invited to share your reflections on on spaces for “moving memory.”

This piece was produced for CKUT by Claudia Edwards.


National Strike in Colombia

Photo credits: Congreso de los Pueblos

On 30th May millions of Colombians took to the streets in protest against the country’s huge social inequalities and to demand a say in the peace negotiations. The people are asking for a ‘different kind of peace’; a peace with social and environmental justice at its heart. There is a call for the government to give a voice to the social justice movement, instead of just focusing on talking to the two armed insurgency groups (the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia and the Ejército de Liberación Nacional).

Under the banner of ‘The Agrarian, Ethnic, Rural and Popular Minga’, people from a wide range of backgrounds have started a general strike and set up hundreds of road blockades across the country. According to Colombia reports, three protesters have already been killed. The Colombian government has recently announced they are sending ministers to negotiate with indigenous and rural communities in an attempt to stop the strike from continuing further.

Blandine Juchs is currently in Colombia working as part of the collective Projet Accompagnement Solidarité Colombie. CKUT’s Rose Woolhouse helped produce this report, in which Blandine explains more about the current situation, how the police are reacting and what the people in Colombia are demanding. As Blandine says, there is a huge agenda for a huge movement.

For more information about the PASC collective visit:

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