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Y a t-il un avenir pour les régions du Québec?

Entrevue avec Roméo Bouchard, journaliste, agriculteur biologique, militant et auteur du livre: Y a-t-il un avenir pour les régions? Un projet d’occupation du terrotoire, paru en novembre 2006 chez Écosociété.  Diffusé au Lendemain de la Veille, les Jeudi de 7-9 AM.

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Greg Harkin: IEDs in Iraq Initially Created by UK Security Services

Greg Harkin, of the Independent UK, revealed in 2005 that IEDs in Iraq were the same as those used by the IRA which were created by the UK Security Services.

Author of “Stakeknife”, a book which revealed how the UK Security Services had infiltrated the IRA, wrote his article on October 16, 2005. Three months later, the UK retracted statements about Iran supplying bomb materials in Iraq. Now the Bush Admin. is trying to use this same “evidence” to initiate public support for direct action against Iran.

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Reverend Kevin Annett & Genocide in Canada’s “Residential Schools”

This is a sample of an interview Joe Broadhurst from did with Rev. Kevin Annett. Rev. Annett has a new award-winning documentary film, Unrepentant: Kevin Annett & Canada’s Genocide, currently showing in different cities across Canada. He will be in Montreal around March 15th. We will be playing more of this interview in the lead-up to his presence in Montreal. For more information regarding his struggle, please visit

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