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Indigenous People in Mainstream Medias

As stories about Indigenous people are rarely covered in mainstream medias, same images about them come back again and again. According to Steve Bonspiel,  people tend to be dissociated from their lands and ressources they use. That is why, find a new way to reconcile those two things was the purpose of the Panel about […]

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Lia Tarachansky’s documentary, On the Side of the Road : pointing out a nation’s tabboo

Lia Tarachansky is an Israeli-Russian journalist and moviemaker who produced the documentary  ”On the Side of the Road” in 2013. As a former Israel/Palestine correspondent for the Real News Network (RNN), she produced short documentary-style reports exploring the context behind the news. She has directed several documentaries that tackle different aspects of social justice struggles […]

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Profiling of arabs and muslims in Canada : an historical perspective

As part of Israeli Apartheid Week, yesterday March 6, about 40 people gathered at the conference ‘Profiling of Arabs and Muslims in Canada : an historical perspective’ at Café artere. A conference organized by Tadamon Collective, which reunited the historian, Houda Asal and the activist Mary Foster as part of the BDS (boycott sanction and divestment) […]

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Journée internationale des femmes : paix juste et égalité pour les femmes

Chaque année, la journée internationale des femmes est célébrée, occasion de faire le bilan sur les progrès faits en matière de droits des femmes et des avancées qu’il reste à effectuer.


Montréal, ville sanctuaire ?

Le 20 Février 2017 à Montréal, une conférence de presse était organisée par Solidarity Accross Borders – organisation qui lutte pour les droits des migrants à Montréal, faisant suite à l’adoption symbolique par la ville  d’une motion la qualifiant de ”Ville Sanctuaire”. Initialement, ce terme désigne une ville qui appliquerait une politique de protection des […]

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Rap Battle Against Police Brutality

Listen to Wednesday Morning After – Rap Battle Reports On Wednesday, February 15th was organized the Rap Battle Against Police Brutality at Le Belmont in Montreal. CKUT was at the event and met Montreal emcees, poets, Concordia students and community members to tackle the issue of police brutality. This charity event may raise awareness on […]