Black Lives Matter – Toronto coalition made a ‘day of action’ to seek justice and call end to justice brutality.

Day of action, Monday 27 July.

Photo credit: Jalani Morgan,


Click here to download audio.

On Monday 27 July, the Black Lives Matter Toronto coalition held a “day of action”. The goal: call for an end to police brutality and to seek justice after the death of two black men – Jermaine Carby was shot at a traffic stop and Andrew Loky was killed in an apartment building- in the past year.

Desmond Cole, a black Toronto writer and activist, says: “This is not about people inconvenienced for one night in the highway. It’s about almost 30 years of police brutality against one community. That’s how people should view this”.

Alexandria Williams is one of the co-fondators of the Black Lives Matters Toronto coalition. We asked her about the action, and the coalition and its motivations.


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