Demand Justice : Bring Daniel Home! One Year Since Youth Deportation

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In October of 2014, the 17 year old undocumented minor “Daniel” was deported from Canada, after the authorities detained him while visiting his friends at school. Kept in isolation from his family, Daniel was then sent back to Mexico to fend for himself within just over one week. One year later, we speak with Mary from Solidarity Across Borders about the campaign surrounding his case, as well as the broader issue of human rights for undocumented migrants living in Canada.

This interview was produced by Claudia Edwards.

Expulsion et expropriation par la police mexicaine : les Mexicain(e)s Uni(e)s pour la Régularisation dénoncent la complicité du Gouvernement Canadien

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Le 4 septembre dernier, la police fédérale de l’Etat de Mesxico a expulsé violemment une famille de sa propriété en vue d’une expropriation menée par une entreprise privée. Marisol Mendez Trujillo dénonce le non-respect du préavis obligatoire de 20 jours et de la violence de la dépossession.

La famille Mendez a vécu au Canada pendant 5 ans, demandant l’asile politique en raison d’harcelement, de vol et d’extorsion de fonds. Apres sa demande d’asile refusée en 2013, la famille a été renvoyée au Mexique.

Les Mexicain(e)s Uni(e)s pour la Regularisation (MUR) dénoncent ainsi la complicité du gouvernement canadien dans cette affaire et réclament des réparations proportionnels aux préjudices physiques et moraux subis par la famille.

Mexican Horror Story: Legislative Elections and the Future of the Crisis-stricken Mexican State

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Mexico is in the midst of an internationally-ignored humanitarian crisis, with more than 24, 000 cases of state-perpetrated disappearances and kidnappings since 2006, and a most recent case of 43 missing students from the College of Ayotzinapa in Iguala, Guerrero, Mexico.

Adding to these numbers, the lead-up to the Mexican legislative elections saw dozens of political assassinations and more than 70 kidnapping and extortion cases. Despite his and his party’s alleged complicity in these human rights violations, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto’s Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) re-secured a majority in Congress in the Mexican legislative elections on June 7.

On that same day, families of the 43 missing students and other Mexicans  took to the streets in several states in Southern Mexico and burned ballot boxes, as a way of disrupting these elections that were seen by many as a referendum on Peña Nieto and his political party.

CKUT’s Emma Noradounkian spoke with Andalusia Knoll, a freelance multimedia journalist based in Mexico City, and Dagoberto Acevedo, a member of the Comité pour les droits humains en Amérique latine, to get their take on what the future holds for the Mexican state and its people.

Migrant Justice Activists Rally to Bring Home Deported Mexican Teen



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On his 17th birthday last October, Daniel was separated from his family and deported alone to Mexico by the CBSA. Over the past 8 months, Solidarity Across Borders has been leading the effort to return Daniel to his family and community in Montreal. The campaign is now taking aim at the Quebec Minister of Immigration, demanding that Daniel be allowed to return and that the government introduce a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy in regard to immigration status in public schools. CKUT’s David Zinman was at yesterday’s rally organized by Solidarity Across Borders in front of the office of the Immigration Minister.

Interview with caravan members from Ayotzinapa, Mexico


Illustration of missing student Jorge Antonio Tizapa Legideño, son of Hilda Legideño Vargas. By  Claus López López
Illustration of missing student Jorge Antonio Tizapa Legideño. By Claus López López

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On September 26th 2014, police forces in the State of Guerrero, Mexico, attacked a busload of students from a rural teacher training school in Ayotzinapa. This attack resulted in the death of six people, and the forced disappearance of 43 students. On April 20th 2015, a caravan from Ayotzinapa travelled to Montreal. In this interview, Hilda Legideño Vargas, the mother of one of the disappeared students, and Jorge Luis Clemente Balbuena, a student from the teacher training school, explain why they have travelled to Canada in their struggle to find the 43 students. Brought to you by Simone Lucas from CKUT’s News Collective.


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Migrant Justice Organizations Petiiong Canadian Governmetn to Remove Mexico Safe Country List

CKUT’s Sula Greene spoke with Karla Lottini from No One Is Illegal Vancouver about a new petition on demanding that the Canadian government remove Mexico from its list of delegated safe countries. They spoke about Canada’s economic and political interests in maintaining good relations with its NAFTA partner and the human rights crisis that continues to unfold in Mexico.

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Dawn Paley on “Drug War Capitalism” and Current Struggles in Mexico



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Independent journalist and author Dawn Paley is currently on a book launch tour across North America for her latest work, “Drug War Capitalism”, just released on AK Press. In this interview with CKUT’s Aaron Lakoff, she discusses some of the main points of her book, as well as ongoing protests in Mexico for the disappeared students of Ayotzinapa.

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