Oct 29 Headlines

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-Outrage grows over Margaret Wente’s Globe and Mail column defending Dick Pound’s reference to aboriginals as “savages,” which he claims was misinterpreted

-Food banks in BC say they are feeling the pinch as donations drop, expenses rise and more clients seek aid.

-Environment Canada says bisphenol A (BPA) is toxic. The department will prevent sale of baby bottles with BPA but some say this is not enough.

-Afghan president Hamid Karzai appoints former Kandahar governor Asadullah Khalid to cabinet, despite allegations of corruption and human rights abuses.

-Imran Khan, chair of the Pakistan Movement for Justice, warns against increased US military presence in Afghanistan.

-US court stays the execution of Troy Anthony Davis. Protestors say his trial was a miscarriage of justice.

-Inquiry finds that Canadian officials are partly to blame for the wrongful arrest and torture of three Arab-Canadian men in Syria and Egypt.

-Canada deports Basque terror suspect Ivan Apaolaza Sancho to Spain.


OCT 22 Headlines

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In brief:

-Canadian Medical Association criticizes Canada’s role as “asbestos cheerleader”

-BC Labour Unions continue to denounce Bill 42 as a “gag law”

-Egyptian MP accused of murder, stripped of legal immunity

-Premiers call for investment in education and health care in wake of credit crisis

-Leaders at Francophonie Summit ignore plight of poor countries: Globe & Mail; African leaders demand participation in talks to reform financial system

-Spirit Train tour ends in Montreal as protestors criticize effect of the 2010 Vancouver Games

-Insurgents kill dozens of civilians in Afghanistan, officials say; Taliban says victims were Afghan soldiers


Oct 15 – Headlines from CKUT’s Community News Collective

This week in brief:

-Human rights groups mark Sixth World Day Against the Death Penalty, focusing on executions in Asia

-Four Isreali conscientious objectors begin their second prison term for refusing to serve in the Israel Defense Forces

-International observers continue to criticize Burma’s constitution

-BC’s Supreme Court strikes down Victoria bylaws preventing homeless people from setting up overhead shelters in public parks

-Somali kidnappers threaten to kill Canadian journalists

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(Oct 8th) Headlines from CKUT’s Community News Collective

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This week:
– Montreal Activists for a Sustainable Society (MASS) disrupt job recruitment fair, protesting military contractors Bombardier, CAE, and Transport Quebec’s disregard for environment and residents of St-Henri.

– Barriere Lake: Police use tear gas and violent coercion to end a peaceful blockade erected by Algonquin families.  Michelle Tusky, Barriere Lake spokesperson present in Barriere Lake area, speaks.

– The Sisters in Spirit Vigil commemorates the hundreds of Aborignal women missing or murdered in Canada. Theresa Ducharmme, community development coordinator for the Sisters in Spirit campaign, speaks.

– Canadian Elections: Liberal supporters in Toronto’s St-Paul’s riding experiencing intimidation.

– Afghanistan: British ambassador in Afghanistan predicts the military NATO-led campaign will fail.

– Palestinians fear contaminated drinking water where Israel maintains full control over water resources in the occupied Palestinian territory.

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Oct 1 – Weekly Headlines

(Oct 1st) Headlines from CKUT’s Community News Collective

This week:
-Airplane manufacturer dumps raw sewage into Saint Lawrence River;
-Afghan journalist accuses Canada of tipping off U.S. troops to arrest him in October 2007;
-Inquest begins into the death of Jean Charles de Menezes in Britain;
-80 migrant workers in BC may be deported because their employer failed to pay taxes
-In Montreal, 5000 marchers protest Bill C484.

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CORRECTION: The original email to the listserv read that:

-80 migrant workers in BC may be deported due to unpaid taxes;
-In Montreal, 500 marchers protest Bill C484.

Corrections have been made above.

Also, the report said that “Revenue Canada reportedly froze the bank accounts of [the migrant workers’] employer, Baulex Projects Ltd, because the documents had not been filed.” It was actually because the taxes had not been remitted.