Headlines for the week of March 22nd, 2009

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Montreal – Community-based education initiatives offer another season of alternative learning


Alberta – Canada’s first private nuclear power generator proposed site faces criticism

Canada – Three Billion $ stimulus package approved in House of Commons

Canada – Government trying to re-impose conditions on Adil Charkaoui


Istanbul – Fifth annual World Water Forum and international criticism

Malawi – World Tuberculosis Day and Malawi’s National TB Control Program

Afghanistan – Five more deaths from suspected US airstrikes on Pakistan/Afghan border

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Thanks this week to our friends at the Dominion, and our contributors Laura Glowacki, Juniper Belshaw, Brodie Macrae, Caitlyn Chapell, and Faberice of the CKUT Community News Collective.


Headlines for the week of March 15th, 2009

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Montreal – Thousands participate in Annual Anti-Police Brutality March

Montreal – Mont-Royal MP Irwin Cotler makes public allegations against Iran

McGill University – Green Week highlights needs for ecological sustainability


Canada – Over 100 people pool money for Abdelrazik’s plane ticket, despite facing up to ten years in jail

Alberta – Fails to publicly disclose environmental violations by oilsands contractors


Washington, DC – First Nations activists deliver letter to John Kerry protesting US reliance on oil from Alberta tarsands, coinciding with Jim Prentice’s visit

Calgary – Bush welcomed by Calgary Chamber of Congress

France – Highest levels of industrial tensions since start of financial crisis
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Headlines for the week of March 9, 2009

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– Montreal – International Women’s Day: thousands rally calling for a new world order

– Montreal – McGill University plans to purchase hotel where workers have been on strike since August


– Fort Chipewyan – Former primary care physician for Ft Chipewyan First Nation states link between oil sands and cancer rates

– Canada – Mining in northern Canada is in sharp decline, while government tax break for junior mining companies still stands

– York University hosts landmark conference to discuss Canadian mining industry

– Halifax – Court proceedings continue for four activists protesting free Atlantica trade agreement

– Ecuadorian activists sue the Toronto Stock Exchange


– Peru – Peru Top Court Bans Some Oil Exploration Work including Canadian company Talisman Inc.

– Gaza – Montreal Engineer enters Gaza after three weeks of trying

– Worldwide – Israeli Apartheid Week took place in cities and on campuses around the world last week

– Iran/US – Six major american news organizations call for release of independent journalist

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Credits: our friends at the Dominion, and our contributors Anabel Khoo, Juniper Belshaw, Leah Gardner, Laura Glowacki, David Koch, Brodie MacRae, TJ kahan, and Laurin Liu


Headlines for the week of March 1st, 2009

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Local news:

Montreal – Casa del Popolo venue rennovating in facing two liquor/concert venue licensing court cases

Mile End – Redevelopment plans for St-Viateur street update: public and private investment interested; grassroots group organizes discussions and rally

National news:

Vancouver – lawyer plans to lay crimminal charges on George Bush upon Calgary visit

Canada / Afghanistan – Prime Minister Harper doubts “success” in Afghanistan, after sending 1,600 additional troops

International news:

US – Internal Bush admin documents reveal major legal errors post 9/11

Washington, DC – Thousands of youth travel to DC demanding action on climate change

Lahore, Pakistan – Attack on Sri Lankan cricket team: Five security officers killed, Seven cricket players injured

Credits: Leah Gardner, Laura Glowacki, Chesley Walsh, Tariq Jeeroburkahan, Laurin Liu

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