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What is a Solidarity City? : A Migrant Justice Workshop


On June 14th, organizers for the Solidarity City Campaign hosted a workshop about how solidarity, mutual aid, support work and direct action can be implemented in order to further strengthen the voices of undocumented migrants, to increase visibility of their struggles, as well as to build a stronger support network within the city of Montreal consisting of undocumented people and their allies. CKUT spoke with the organizers beforehand, and an excerpt of the workshop presentation follows the interview.

This piece was produced for CKUT by Claudia Edwards.


Demand Justice : Bring Daniel Home! One Year Since Youth Deportation

Photo credit Collectif Education Sans Frontieres,

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In October of 2014, the 17 year old undocumented minor “Daniel” was deported from Canada, after the authorities detained him while visiting his friends at school. Kept in isolation from his family, Daniel was then sent back to Mexico to fend for himself within just over one week. One year later, we speak with Mary from Solidarity Across Borders about the campaign surrounding his case, as well as the broader issue of human rights for undocumented migrants living in Canada.

This interview was produced by Claudia Edwards.

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Anti-Roma Racism in Canada



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On Thursday, August 27, 2015, musicians and concert goers attend the second in a series called “Rock n’ Roma Against Deportations”, a fundraiser to support the struggle of Roma families facing deportation from Canada. Despite the rise in Neo-Nazi movements in countries like Hungary and Czech Republic that are openly targeting Roma, as well as a continuation of centuries of systemic and social violence against Roma throughout Europe, the Canadian government continues its own racist scapegoating of Roma communities, particularly refugees. Simone Lucas and Avi Gross-Grand interview Dafina Savic, Executive Director of Romanipe (link:, an organization mobilizing around racism and discrimination the Roma face worldwide and in Canada.

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Caravane at St Remi’s “festival des cultures”, denunciation of the racist exploitation


Photo credit: Ben Powless via Facebook


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Saturday 22, an annual festival took place in St Remi, the “Festival des cultures” . On this occasion, Solidarity accross borders and Collectif Justice pour Noe organized a delegation to travel from Montreal to St Remi. Their aim: show solidarity with Noe Arteaga and all migrant workers, and denounce the injustices and exploitation that temporary migrant farm workers face.
Gwendolyn is member of Solidarity across borders and of the Collectif Justice pour Noe. She speaks about the event, its aim and which she is part.
You can also listen our monday’s emission “En profondeur”, to listen Noe Arteaga.


Migrant Sex Workers Discuss Discourses of “Anti-Trafficking”



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On May 12th, the Migrant Sex Worker’s Project and Butterfly, an Asian and migrant sex workers support network, held a forum in Toronto to discuss some of the problems with discourse of “anti-trafficking”. Following the event, CKUT’s Emily Enhorning spoke with Elene Lam, founder of Butterfly, about some of these issues.


Interview Comité d’action des personnes sans statuts



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Le 1er Juin, le moratorium sur les déportations vers Haiti et le Zimbabwe arrive a son terme.

CKUT a mis en lumière il y a quelques mois le combat des communautées haitiennes et zimbabweennes accompagnées du Comité d’action des personnes sans statuts pour une régularisation collective des migrants qui font face a de possible déportations.

Antoine Cadaux pour CKUT s’est entretenu avec Serge Bouchereau, l’un des membres fondateurs du Comité pour recevoir les dernières nouvelles sur la situation.

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Première émission de la voix des immigrants

Photo credit: Favianna Rodrigue

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Le monde évolue. La société se transforme. Citoyens et citoyennes de 4 coins de la planète bougent. Pour toute savoir sur leur présence au Canada, écoutez la voix des immigrants. La voix des immgrants – une émission d’informations qui vous renseigne sur les immigrants au Québec et au Canada.

Écoutez la première émission du 27 novembre 2014.

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Entrevue avec Noé Arteaga sur l’exploitation des travailleuses et travailleurs temporaires au Canada




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Nous vous présentons un reportage au sujet des conditions que doivent affronter aujourd’hui les travailleurs temporaires au Canada. On vous invite à écouter ce que nous a préparé Stefan Christoff, en entrevue avec Noé Arteaga qui s’exprime contre les structures du gouvernement conservateur envers les travailleurs migrants et immigrants.


photo par Stefan Christoff de Noé Arteaga activist, IWC

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Demonstrators March in Support of Migrant Justice

10307200_10152201372055945_1615779973675634822_nCKUT reports from the Anti-Deportation March, held on Saturday, May 7th, in downtown Montreal. The march was organized by the Status for All coalition, which stands in support of migrant and indigenous rights, and fights deportations, detentions and the double punishment. It was a part of the coalition’s “Anti-Deportation Days” being held throughout the first two weeks of June. Off the Hour’s Hailey MacKinnon brings us a short report from the march to learn more about the coalition’s fight for migrant justice.

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