Génocide à Gaza ? Entrevue avec Frank Barat du Tribunal Russell sur la Paléstine


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En entrevue avec Frank Barat, fondateur du Palestine Legal Action Network ainsi que coordonnateur du Tribunal Russell sur la Paléstine, nous avons fait la réflexion sur le Tribunal des crimes de Guerre et crimes contre l’humanité à la suite des actions israëliennes en Gaza cet été. Nous parlons entre autre du poids associé à la question de s’il y a eu lieu un crime rattaché à l’acte de génocide. Continue reading

CKUT’s Palestine Solidarity Sessions Available for Download and Re-broadcast!


CKUT Palestine Solidarity Sessions – Available for download and re-broadcast!

In the wake of this summer’s Gaza massacre, CKUT produced a series of in-depth interviews with Palestinians and their allies. We interviewed academics, journalists, artists, actors, record labels, graphic designers and asked them one important question: “What can ordinary people do to prevent future massacres in Palestine, and take a stand for justice?”. 

Palestine Solidarity Sessions: Hind Awwad

Hind Awwad
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Hind Awwad is the former coordinator of the Boycott National Committee (BNC) in Palestine, and is currently working with the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid (CAIA) in Toronto. CKUT spoke with her for the Palestine Solidarity Sessions about how people can get involved in the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, and how we can build winning campaigns in the wake of this summer’s Gaza massacre.

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Palestine Solidarity Sessions – Omar Barghouti and the Academic Boycott of Israel

Omar Barghouti
Omar Barghouti
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Omar Barghouti is the founder of PACBI, the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, and a long time Palestinian activist based in Jerusalem. He spoke with the Palestine Solidarity Sessions at CKUT about the importance of the academic boycott of Israeli apartheid in the wake of “Operation Protective Edge”, how Israeli academia supports the Israeli military, and some of the links between universities in Canada and Israel.

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Despite Heavy Rain, Montrealers took to the Streets to Call for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanction against Israeli apartheid

Dror warschawski addressing the crowd

Montrealers took to the streets again yesterday on Wednesday August 13th despite heavy rain to continue showing their support for Palestinian rights.  Colourful umbrellas dotted the crowd of protesters who marched down St-Denis street calling on people to join the boycotts, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israeli Apartheid.

Protesters stopped at various stores that sell Israeli products made in the Occupied Palestinian Territories to raise awareness of Israeli products that should be boycotted as part of the BDS campaign.  The stops included: Continue reading

Conférence de Presse (8 Août): Solidarité Québec-Gaza

De Gauche À Droite: M. Jooneed Khan, Mme Fabienne Preséntey, Mme Mélanie Sarazin, M. Bruce Katz, Mme Hala Yassin, M. Paul Ahmarani, M. Francis Dupuis-Déry
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Une conférence de presse a eu lieu le Vendredi 8 août afin de réclamer une plus grande solidarité entre le Québec et Gaza.  Plusieurs organisations Québécoises ont  invité le public Québécois à venir en masse pour démontrer leur soutien au peuple Palestinien durant une grande manifestation qui s’est déroulé le dimanche 10 août et qui a commencé à la Place Émilie-Gamelin près de la station Berri UQAM.

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Ten Thousand Montrealers march in the Biggest Palestine Solidarity Demonstration Yet

10 000 Montrealers marched on Sunday in solidarity with Palestine

(Special report from CKUT’s show Under The Olive Tree)

Up to ten thousand people marched through the Montreal downtown on Sunday August 10th to show their solidarity with Palestinians and to demand an end to the Canadian government’s complicity with Israeli policies of occupation and apartheid. Today’s protest marks the largest of over ten Palestinian solidarity demonstrations that have taken place in Montreal since Israel began its offensive against Gaza on July 8th.

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