Solidarity Across Boarders marches for Canada to “Ouvrez les frontières”


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Justin Trudeau’s Montreal office (529 rue Jarry Est) was the venue for a demonstration under the banner of Solidarity Across Boarders.

“Ouvrez les frontières!” chanted attendees as a marching band played and people danced. Hot chocolate was served for all on the chilly Sunday afternoon of December 13th.

Amidst the fanfare, the demonstration was a serious call to the nascent Liberal government and their current stance on immigration and non-status workers living in Canada.

In light of Canada’s current acceptance of Syrian refugees, Solidarity Across Boarders is urging the government to take their immigration policies a step further. This includes the regularization of current non-status people who are working without documentation, further relaxation of immigration laws, and a halt to the arrest and detaining of already vulnerable individuals.

The rally was also held to denounce racism, in particular islamophobia that has contributed further resistance to immigration.

After a public address was made (some of which can be heard above), the rally marched over to rue Saint-Denis and down to Jean-Talon.

Among the speakers were representatives in support of non-status women living in Canada, and Mexicans united for regularisation.

For more information on their campaigns, or to get involved, please visit Solidarity Across Boarders


Gaza-Solidarity Protesters Condemn Canadian Political Complicity

Interview with Dan Freeman-Maloy

Like every week since Israel began bombing Gaza on July 8th, hundreds of Montrealers met again this Wednesday July 30th, in front of the Mont-Royal metro station to denounce war crimes committed by Israel in Gaza. This week’s protest was particularly focused on highlighting the complicity of Canadian political parties with these crimes.

Protester condemning the complicity of the 3 main Canadian federal political parties.

Speakers strongly condemned the stance of the three main Canadian federal parties, who have refused to condemn Israel for its war crimes. The organizers of the protest released this statement:

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