Anticolonial July 1st Committee to Mobilize Against Canada Day

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On July 1, while neighbourhoods across Canada will be chanting the national anthem in celebration of Canada Day, the Anti-colonial July 1 Committee will be cheering “Ni patrie, ni état, ni Québec, ni Canada” during their disruption of these festivities in Montreal’s Old Port.

The Anticolonial July 1st Committee–an organization committed to resisting against Canada and all colonial borders–will be holding a night demonstration on July 1 at 7 p.m. in Place Jacques-Quartier in protest of Canada Day. According to the Committee, this day commemorates the ongoing violence and destruction of First Nations people, blacks, and migrants in Canada.

CKUT’s Emma Noradounkian spoke with Laura, a member of the Committee, to find out more about the demonstration.

The NDG Food Market: A New Path to Sustainability


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On Friday, June 19th, the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce (NDG) Food Depot launched a unique project in that region of Montreal – the NDG Food Market. The non-profit market is evaluated by residents of the region to be a necessary solution to a lack of affordable food options, and will contribute to better nutrition of the many low-income families in NDG.

The NDG market will be held every Friday from 2 pm till 7 pm, and will feature live music, appetizers prepared by restaurant chefs and will offer fresh produce for affordable price. All the vegetables are grown by Quebec farmers, which presents a better option than imported products found in many supermarkets.

CKUT’s Kateryna Gordiychuk talked with Nicole Fornelli, who is a member of the NDG Community Council, and Lynda Porter, the ex-President of Board of Directors of the Food Depot. They shared with us what the difficulties arose during the process of making the project happen and what their predictions are for the future of the market.

Image Credit: Kateryna Gordiychuk, the McGill Daily

How Much Housing Help Is There? Interview with FRAPRU’s Émilie Joly


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At the beginning of June the City of Montreal made public an emergency number that can be used by low-income families in need of home as the 1st of July Moving Day is approaching. Whereas some families do indeed qualify to be helped and given home, many households happen not to fall under the definition of a “family”, for example people living by themselves or temporarily homeless people. The program has been running for a few years having helped 26 families last year, and is expected to be even more successful in helping low-income families this summer.

CKUT’s Kateryna Gordiychuk interviewed Émilie Joly from FRAPRU (Front d’Action Populaire en Réaménagement Urbain) to get the organization’s opinion on housing rights and the City’s program in general.

Mexican Horror Story: Legislative Elections and the Future of the Crisis-stricken Mexican State

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Mexico is in the midst of an internationally-ignored humanitarian crisis, with more than 24, 000 cases of state-perpetrated disappearances and kidnappings since 2006, and a most recent case of 43 missing students from the College of Ayotzinapa in Iguala, Guerrero, Mexico.

Adding to these numbers, the lead-up to the Mexican legislative elections saw dozens of political assassinations and more than 70 kidnapping and extortion cases. Despite his and his party’s alleged complicity in these human rights violations, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto’s Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) re-secured a majority in Congress in the Mexican legislative elections on June 7.

On that same day, families of the 43 missing students and other Mexicans  took to the streets in several states in Southern Mexico and burned ballot boxes, as a way of disrupting these elections that were seen by many as a referendum on Peña Nieto and his political party.

CKUT’s Emma Noradounkian spoke with Andalusia Knoll, a freelance multimedia journalist based in Mexico City, and Dagoberto Acevedo, a member of the Comité pour les droits humains en Amérique latine, to get their take on what the future holds for the Mexican state and its people.

Migrant Justice Activists Rally to Bring Home Deported Mexican Teen



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On his 17th birthday last October, Daniel was separated from his family and deported alone to Mexico by the CBSA. Over the past 8 months, Solidarity Across Borders has been leading the effort to return Daniel to his family and community in Montreal. The campaign is now taking aim at the Quebec Minister of Immigration, demanding that Daniel be allowed to return and that the government introduce a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy in regard to immigration status in public schools. CKUT’s David Zinman was at yesterday’s rally organized by Solidarity Across Borders in front of the office of the Immigration Minister.

Canadian Doctors’ for Refugee Care Day of Action: Interviews with Cities across Canada

The view of the Day of Action in Montreal on June 15th 2015
The view of the Day of Action in Montreal on June 15th, 2015

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Canadian Doctors for Refugee Care (CDRC) had its largest national Day of Action on June 15th in 20 Canadian cities. Medical professionals, social workers, human rights activists, community health workers as well as students gathered on that day to protest the Federal Government’s fund cuts to provide necessary health care for refugees. Moreover, it was recently revealed that the government is spending $1.4 million fighting to preserve the cuts.

CDRC documented examples of refugees being denied important public health care services. It is only because of doctors’ moral feeling of responsibility for human life and doctors’ willingness to examine patients in their free time that many refugees seeking help received it, according to Sasha Dyck, a co-organizer of Montreal’s Day of Action.

CKUT’s Kateryna Gordiychuk conducted interviews with him and 3 other organizers of the National Event in Winnipeg, Edmonton and Vancouver. Although, the circumstances in which the Day of Action happened differed, the event carried a similar message of solidarity and support for those who are denied medical treatment. As of now, there is still no reaction of the Federal Government to the National event, but there is no doubt that a message was sent by such a successful National rally.

Follow the Twitter of Canadian Doctors for Refugee Care HERE.

Image Courtesy: Sasha Dyck

Live interview with Tingz Chak from End Immigration Decision Network



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Last week a man held in Lindsay, Ontario prison, died in mysterious conditions. Following this tragic event, the End Immigration Detention Network is asking Ontario government to cut ties with the Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA).

Tingz Chak, an artist and activist for End Immigration Detention Network, was live in Off The Hour this Tuesday with CKUT’s Antoine Cadaux to bring us more about this situation.

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