Migrants Continue to Fight for Access to Public Schools in Quebec

(Image credit: Education Without Borders)

(Image credit: Education Without Borders)

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Despite formal recommendations from the ombudsman in Nov 2014, Quebec continues to exclude children with precarious immigration status from free access to education. January 30th 2015 was the date given to the Minister of Education to present a plan of action. To this day families of undocumented children continue to be forced to prove their status or pay $5000-$7000 fee for school. Last year the Ombudsperson made 6 recommendations to the Quebec government, which included the recommendation to change the regulation of the Law on Public Education that defines residency. This exclusion of children from school in Quebec violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights both of which Canada has signed. CKUT spoke with members of the Education Without Borders collective.

Protesters gather at Philippe Couillard’s economic address



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On February 3 2015, Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard spoke to the Montreal Trade Board about his future economic plans at the palais des congrès. Demonstrators gathered outside the convention center to protest the austerity of Couillard’s economic policies. Organized by la Convergence des Luttes Anticapitalistes Montreal, approximately 400 hundred people from unions and advocacy groups came out to the demonstration.

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Migrant Justice Organizations Petiiong Canadian Governmetn to Remove Mexico Safe Country List

CKUT’s Sula Greene spoke with Karla Lottini from No One Is Illegal Vancouver about a new petition on change.org demanding that the Canadian government remove Mexico from its list of delegated safe countries. They spoke about Canada’s economic and political interests in maintaining good relations with its NAFTA partner and the human rights crisis that continues to unfold in Mexico.

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Dawn Paley on “Drug War Capitalism” and Current Struggles in Mexico


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Independent journalist and author Dawn Paley is currently on a book launch tour across North America for her latest work, “Drug War Capitalism”, just released on AK Press. In this interview with CKUT’s Aaron Lakoff, she discusses some of the main points of her book, as well as ongoing protests in Mexico for the disappeared students of Ayotzinapa.

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