World Press Photo Montreal : Photography As A Social Weapon For The 2015 Spokesman Samian

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Samian, musician, actor but also photograph; is the spokesman of the 2015 Montreal edition of the World Press Photo. From August the 27th to September the 28th at Marche Bonsecours, the rewarded journalism photographs are exposed to raise awareness among public opinion. Montreal Edition collaborate with local organizations like OXFAM with an exposition about inequalities or Wapikoni, who works with First Nations communities to bring them formation and materiel in cinema and in music. For him, photography, as any form of art, can and will act as a social weapon.

Parents Fight Against Austerity As School Starts In Quebec


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September 1st, is the start of the new school year. Across Quebec, students will begin packing their bags and books. But the budget cuts in education sector, the increase of class sizes, but also the expulsions and exclusions of some pupils of from their schools make this beginning of a new scholar year very challenging for many families in the province. CKUT’s Pauline Ferrari spoke with a concerned parent who is with the group Parents Against Austerity, Dominic Fontaine.

Radio Documentary: Community Radio in the Middle East and North Africa

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CKUT’s Anna Marchese spoke with several prominent members of the community radio movement in the Middle East and North Africa on various issues from state barriers to the granting of FM licenses to journalistic freedom and the future of community radio. CKUT interviewed Francisco Diasio, the Secretary General of AMARC (World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters) on HAICA‘s (Independent High Authority for Audiovisual Communication) decision to grant Tunisia new FM licenses. CKUT then spoke to Ahmed Samih, founder of Radio Horytna, about the current radio landscape in Egypt. Finally, CKUT interviewed award-winning Palestinian journalist and media activist Daoud Kuttab, founder of Amman Net, the Arab world’s first internet radio station. Mr. Kuttab discussed community radio more generally, and its role in a Post-Arab spring era. This documentary was produced by Anna Marchese and Aaron Lakoff.

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Anti-Roma Racism in Canada



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On Thursday, August 27, 2015, musicians and concert goers attend the second in a series called “Rock n’ Roma Against Deportations”, a fundraiser to support the struggle of Roma families facing deportation from Canada. Despite the rise in Neo-Nazi movements in countries like Hungary and Czech Republic that are openly targeting Roma, as well as a continuation of centuries of systemic and social violence against Roma throughout Europe, the Canadian government continues its own racist scapegoating of Roma communities, particularly refugees. Simone Lucas and Avi Gross-Grand interview Dafina Savic, Executive Director of Romanipe (link:, an organization mobilizing around racism and discrimination the Roma face worldwide and in Canada.

As students return to school, children without immigration status continue to be excluded from Quebec schools.

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Tomorrow children go back to school. On this occasion, members of the Education Across Borders Collective decided to organize a rally at Marguerite Bourgeoys commission scolaire, to denounce the fact that hundreds of children are forced to stay at home because their parents don’t have a regularized immigration status.
With the Quebec law on public education set to be modified in the weeks to come, members of the collective believe that it’s time to act.
We have spoken with Anne Buisson, member of the Collective, and Diane Lamarche-Venne, commission scolaire’s president.

Remove the term “nigger” from all of Quebec’s natural sites.


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Rachel Zellars is the author of the petition “Remove the term “nigger” from all of Quebec’s natural sites”. It’s after the publication by CBC of an article about the persistence of Quebec’s natural sites that contain the term “nigger” in their official provincial name, that she decided to react. The petition includs three demands.
Rachel works at the McGill’ Social Equity and Diversity Education Office.
She speaks about the petition, her work and she explains why is so important to remove the term “nigger” from all natural sites.

Caravane at St Remi’s “festival des cultures”, denunciation of the racist exploitation


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Saturday 22, an annual festival took place in St Remi, the “Festival des cultures” . On this occasion, Solidarity accross borders and Collectif Justice pour Noe organized a delegation to travel from Montreal to St Remi. Their aim: show solidarity with Noe Arteaga and all migrant workers, and denounce the injustices and exploitation that temporary migrant farm workers face.
Gwendolyn is member of Solidarity across borders and of the Collectif Justice pour Noe. She speaks about the event, its aim and which she is part.
You can also listen our monday’s emission “En profondeur”, to listen Noe Arteaga.