Youth sit-ins at MPs’ offices all over the country


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Today July 3rd, students and youth across Canada are turning up the heat. They are demanding that politicians across the political spectrum get serious about climate change, with sit ins confirmed across the country in 7 offices happening simultaneously. In Montreal, over 20 local youth have staged sit-ins at NDP leader Thomas Mulcair and Liberal Party of Canada leader Justin Trudeau’s Montreal constituency offices to call on the party leaders to commit to freeze tar sands expansion and drive a transition to a renewable energy economy in Canada.

CKUT member Anouk Millet talked with Kristen Perry, a member of the sit-in at Thomas Mulcair’s office, and Julianna Duholke, who participated to the sit-in at Justin Trudeau’s bureau.

CKUT News Collective

Report from Site: July 1 Anti-colonial Demonstration in Montreal

Image Credit: Kateryna Gordiychuk
Image Credit: Kateryna Gordiychuk

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July 1st in Montreal proved to be very eventful this year. A tiring Moving Day for many, for most Canadians this day is associated with celebrating Canada and its unity. The Anti-colonial Committee, however, weren’t so happy about the idea, so they held an anti-colonial demonstration in the heart of the Old Port, instead.

Comprised of 50 to 60 people, the members marched in the pouring rain and chanted “No to colonialism, no to Canada!” They encouraged the crowd  to think about the premises on which the “free Canada” was born and to be cautious about the statements that are often made about its land and peoples. They gave examples of numerous atrocities done towards the Aboriginal population of Canada, people of color and different “racial” background.

CKUT’s Kateryna Gordiychuk talked to one of the enthusiastic members of the demonstration to find out more.

To listen to a pre-demonstration prognosis of one of the Anti-colonial Committee members click HERE.

Pre-Moving Day Live Housing Panel

Image Credit: magazine
Image Credit: magazine

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On the eve of July 1st, the Moving Day, CKUT Community News Collective got to renew a tradition of holding a Housing Panel on June 30th to inform our listeners about their housing rights as tenants and answer some of the pressing questions. Anouk Millet, Aaron Maiden and Sheila Ferrando along with Emma Noradounkian, who helped with topics research, sat down with Emilie Joly of FRAPRU, Alexandra Pierre of Project Genesis and Fred Burrill of POPIR to discuss the housing questions that are always asked, but the answers to which are hardly known by many.

Did you know about this right?

If it’s your move-in day and there are obvious problems with your apartment, you can “refuse to take a position at a dwelling”. Take pictures to prove it!

~ POPIR & Project Genesis

The panel consisted of roughly three categories such as basic rights, Régie du logement, rights in application and campaigns as well as activism. Kateryna Gordiychuk was live tweeting to get the word out for those who couldn’t listen, and to get radio-lovers and housing rights enthusiasts to participate.

Did you know about this right?

“Your lease renews automatically. Under no circumstances you have to leave your apartment. [… Moreover], the landlord is responsible for the temperature of your apartment”. Montreal’s winter doesn’t seem so scary now, huh?


The housing panel was not only an informative information session for everyone interested, but also a great way for CKUT News Collective to discover a potential for live-panels and in-call questions.

Did you know about this right?

“Rental contract is an agreement between a leaser and a leasee. I say, sign, and complain!”


Read our tweets posted during the live panel HERE. We thank everyone who made the panel possible and special thanks is to our knowledgable guests!

Le manque de couverture mediatique du sport feminin



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Avec la coupe du monde de soccer feminin sur le point de se terminer, nous avons voulu explorer un problème récurant dans le domaine sportif: l’enorme contraste entre la couverture médiatique du sport feminin et du sport masculin, et les implications sur le sport, les femmes et les athletes. Malgré des resultats extraordinaires dans beaucoup de sports différents, les equipes feminines attirent beaucoup moins l’attention que leur equivalent masculin. Nous avons voulu savoir pourquoi.

Anouk Millet, membre du collectif de nouvelles, a discuté avec Diane Guilbault, la vice presidente du groupe “Pour les Droits des Femmes” Quebec.

Anticolonial July 1st Committee to Mobilize Against Canada Day

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On July 1, while neighbourhoods across Canada will be chanting the national anthem in celebration of Canada Day, the Anti-colonial July 1 Committee will be cheering “Ni patrie, ni état, ni Québec, ni Canada” during their disruption of these festivities in Montreal’s Old Port.

The Anticolonial July 1st Committee–an organization committed to resisting against Canada and all colonial borders–will be holding a night demonstration on July 1 at 7 p.m. in Place Jacques-Quartier in protest of Canada Day. According to the Committee, this day commemorates the ongoing violence and destruction of First Nations people, blacks, and migrants in Canada.

CKUT’s Emma Noradounkian spoke with Laura, a member of the Committee, to find out more about the demonstration.

The NDG Food Market: A New Path to Sustainability


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On Friday, June 19th, the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce (NDG) Food Depot launched a unique project in that region of Montreal – the NDG Food Market. The non-profit market is evaluated by residents of the region to be a necessary solution to a lack of affordable food options, and will contribute to better nutrition of the many low-income families in NDG.

The NDG market will be held every Friday from 2 pm till 7 pm, and will feature live music, appetizers prepared by restaurant chefs and will offer fresh produce for affordable price. All the vegetables are grown by Quebec farmers, which presents a better option than imported products found in many supermarkets.

CKUT’s Kateryna Gordiychuk talked with Nicole Fornelli, who is a member of the NDG Community Council, and Lynda Porter, the ex-President of Board of Directors of the Food Depot. They shared with us what the difficulties arose during the process of making the project happen and what their predictions are for the future of the market.

Image Credit: Kateryna Gordiychuk, the McGill Daily

How Much Housing Help Is There? Interview with FRAPRU’s Émilie Joly


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At the beginning of June the City of Montreal made public an emergency number that can be used by low-income families in need of home as the 1st of July Moving Day is approaching. Whereas some families do indeed qualify to be helped and given home, many households happen not to fall under the definition of a “family”, for example people living by themselves or temporarily homeless people. The program has been running for a few years having helped 26 families last year, and is expected to be even more successful in helping low-income families this summer.

CKUT’s Kateryna Gordiychuk interviewed Émilie Joly from FRAPRU (Front d’Action Populaire en Réaménagement Urbain) to get the organization’s opinion on housing rights and the City’s program in general.