Reaction of the UQAM’s lecturer union president to the occupation


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Last wednesday, after some students broke the court injunction inside UQAM, the administration allowed the SPVM to intervene and they arrested 21 students protesting against austerity inside the pavilion J-A De Seve. In reaction, students and teachers started to protest against the administration by occupying the pavilion. Later in the evening, the riot police entered the university to end the movement.

CKUT member Anouk Millet interviewed Marie Blais, president of the Syndicat des Charges de Cours (Lecturers Union) at UQAM.

They discussed the recent events and altercations between the university’s administration, the police forces and the students, the solutions to bring back peace to UQAM.

CKUT News Collective

Effets de l’islamophobie sur les femmes musulmanes


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Chris, l’animateur de cette édition d’En Profondeur, est accompagné de Siegfried L. Mathelet, de la Chaire UNESCO-UQAM sur les fondements philosophiques de la justice et de la démocratie, et donne la parole à des concitoyennes musulmanes militant contre l’islamophobie au «Québec».

Nous recevrons : – Samah Jebbari, porte-parole du Forum Musulman Canadien (FMC) – Coraline Le Moyne, musulmane convertie, bloggeuse et membre du groupe Musulmanes Féministes et Militantes pour le droit des femmes et des minorités visibles (MFM) – Hanadi Saad, militante de terrain, fondatrice et porte-parole du Centre Justice Femme ainsi que – Leila Benhadjouidja, doctorante et chargée de cours à l’UQAM, spécialisée sur le féminisme des musulmanes francophones au «Québec».

Ce sera l’occasion d’entendre l’expérience personnelle de femmes portant le hidjab, d’avoir l’écho de leur expérience de terrain parmi les femmes musulmanes aujourd’hui racisées; le tout accompagné d’une chercheuse qui nous présentera un portrait de la situation des femmes musulmanes au «Québec» et de leurs luttes actuelles.

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Interview Marie-Helene Dubé on the Charter of Values.


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James Oscar from the CKUT News Collective has met the lawyer Marie-Helene Dubé to talk about life for black people in Quebec before and after the Charter of Values.

She has recently delivered an editorial on Quebec governments former Charter of Values. She accuses it of being above anything an attempt at not just discrimination but possibly also an  attempt at trying to legislate on what political opinions citizens take.

CKUT News Collective

Violence against journalists – Interview


Credits: Camil Tang

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Anouk Millet, from the news collective talked to Lise Millette, the president of the Federation Professionelle des Journalistes du Quebec.

The organization recently issued a statement on violence against journalists in the current anti-austerity protests.

CKUT News Collective.

Repression at UQAM


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On Friday, March 27th, a meeting was organised on Place Pasteur, close to UQAM university, in support for 9 students that face sanctions from the university.

They are all militants or student representatives and are judged at the same time for various infractions in the last two years. UQAM students, teachers and staff members were expressing on that day their desaproval of a procedure they consider being political repression.

Antoine Cadaux was covering the demonstration for CKUT. The report is in French.

CKUT News Collective

April 2nd massive anti-austerity demonstration


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CKUT News collective members Anna and Celia covered yesterday’s national anti-austerity demonstration in Montreal. It was organized by the Comite Printemps 2015.

The manifestation started at Square Victoria and 75000 people were walking on Sherbrooke avenue at the top of the participation.

CKUT News Collective

Lecture by Hirut Eyob


Photo credits: Skin to Skin

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During the presentation Hirut Eyob talked about birth support services and resources, and the difficulties encountered by Canadian wombn of African decent. This event is part of the Centre for Gender Advocacy’s event series, Thick Skin: reflections on race, gender, & political resistance.

Anouk Millet recorded the event.

CKUT News Collective