Solidarity Across Boarders marches for Canada to “Ouvrez les frontières”


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Justin Trudeau’s Montreal office (529 rue Jarry Est) was the venue for a demonstration under the banner of Solidarity Across Boarders.

“Ouvrez les frontières!” chanted attendees as a marching band played and people danced. Hot chocolate was served for all on the chilly Sunday afternoon of December 13th.

Amidst the fanfare, the demonstration was a serious call to the nascent Liberal government and their current stance on immigration and non-status workers living in Canada.

In light of Canada’s current acceptance of Syrian refugees, Solidarity Across Boarders is urging the government to take their immigration policies a step further. This includes the regularization of current non-status people who are working without documentation, further relaxation of immigration laws, and a halt to the arrest and detaining of already vulnerable individuals.

The rally was also held to denounce racism, in particular islamophobia that has contributed further resistance to immigration.

After a public address was made (some of which can be heard above), the rally marched over to rue Saint-Denis and down to Jean-Talon.

Among the speakers were representatives in support of non-status women living in Canada, and Mexicans united for regularisation.

For more information on their campaigns, or to get involved, please visit Solidarity Across Boarders


Caravane at St Remi’s “festival des cultures”, denunciation of the racist exploitation


Photo credit: Ben Powless via Facebook


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Saturday 22, an annual festival took place in St Remi, the “Festival des cultures” . On this occasion, Solidarity accross borders and Collectif Justice pour Noe organized a delegation to travel from Montreal to St Remi. Their aim: show solidarity with Noe Arteaga and all migrant workers, and denounce the injustices and exploitation that temporary migrant farm workers face.
Gwendolyn is member of Solidarity across borders and of the Collectif Justice pour Noe. She speaks about the event, its aim and which she is part.
You can also listen our monday’s emission “En profondeur”, to listen Noe Arteaga.

Caravane a St Remi, solidarite avec Noe Arteaga et tous les travailleurs migrants.


Photo credit: Ben Powless via Facebook


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Du 21 au 23 aout la ville de Saint Rémi a accueilli la « Fiesta des cultures », un festival organisé par les consulats guatémaltèque et mexicain et FERME, la fondation des entreprises en recrutement de main d’œuvre agricole étrangère. A cette occasion, l’organisation Solidarité sans Frontières et le collectif Justice pour Noé ont décidé de dénoncer les injustices et les exploitations auxquelles les travailleurs migrants agricoles doivent faire face au Canada en organisant une caravane jusqu’à St Rémi.
Noé Arteaga est membre des deux collectifs et il a lui même été l’un de ces travailleurs migrants. Après avoir été brutalement renvoyé de l’entreprise  Savoura sans motif valable, il porte plainte. Le tribunal finira par lui donner raison 6 ans plus tard.
Il nous explique ici les raisons de cette action, et revient sur son histoire personnelle.

Pour avoir plus d’infos sur l’histoire personnelle de Noé vous pouvez réécouter d’autres émissions de CKUT. Tout comme l’on s’excuse, il ne s’agit pas du collectif Cité sans frontières mais bien Solidarité sans frontières.

Migrant Justice Activists Rally to Bring Home Deported Mexican Teen



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On his 17th birthday last October, Daniel was separated from his family and deported alone to Mexico by the CBSA. Over the past 8 months, Solidarity Across Borders has been leading the effort to return Daniel to his family and community in Montreal. The campaign is now taking aim at the Quebec Minister of Immigration, demanding that Daniel be allowed to return and that the government introduce a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy in regard to immigration status in public schools. CKUT’s David Zinman was at yesterday’s rally organized by Solidarity Across Borders in front of the office of the Immigration Minister.

Mobilizing on Mother’s Day to Bring Daniel Home



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On Sunday, May 10th, 2015 which was Mother’s Day, the Bring Daniel Home committee organized a picnic to celebrate all mothers crossing borders for the sake of their children. The picnic was organized after a mother was separated from her child Daniel, as he was detained and then deported alone back to Mexico. The picnic sought to raise awareness and also help Daniel’s mother campaign to bring her son back home and get permanent status for the family.

Migrants Continue to Fight for Access to Public Schools in Quebec

(Image credit: Education Without Borders)
(Image credit: Education Without Borders)

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Despite formal recommendations from the ombudsman in Nov 2014, Quebec continues to exclude children with precarious immigration status from free access to education. January 30th 2015 was the date given to the Minister of Education to present a plan of action. To this day families of undocumented children continue to be forced to prove their status or pay $5000-$7000 fee for school. Last year the Ombudsperson made 6 recommendations to the Quebec government, which included the recommendation to change the regulation of the Law on Public Education that defines residency. This exclusion of children from school in Quebec violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights both of which Canada has signed. CKUT spoke with members of the Education Without Borders collective.

Solidarity Across Borders raises money for Ivonne Hernandez


Brunch poster


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On Saturday May 10, 2014, Solidarity Across Borders organized a brunch to raise
money for Ivonne Hernandez, a Mexican immigrant fighting to stay in Canada with
her one year-old son. Just like Ivonne, more than half a million people
in Canada live without papers today. The fundraiser attracted families
and friends in an effort to raise awareness about the problems that
immigrants face.

We talked to Ivonne, as well as Bruno, a participant and Renata, a woman who came from Hungary with her family two years ago to escape discrimination.

Please visit Justice Pour Ivonne’s website for more information.