Best Buddies Special on The Avalanche: APRIL 14th from 5-6pm

Join CKUT’s THE AVALANCHE on WEDNESDAY, April 14th, from 5-6pm.

Tune-in for Montreal’s only disAbilitiy radio show!
Airing every second Wednesday of the month!!
Produced by people with disAbilities!!!
Broadcast on CKUT 90.3 fm in Montreal!!!!

The April 14th edition will feature a << Best Buddies Special >> and include: -Steven Pinnock (Executive Director of Best Buddies);
-Neil Smith (Canadian fiction author of Bang Crunch);
-Leela Purie-Fawcett (Program Coordinator Best Buddies for Montreal);
-Penny Shore (Founder of Best Buddies Canada);
-and more!!

That’s WEDNESAY, APRIL 14th from 5-6pm.

For more info on The Avalanche, check them out on YouTube.

To get involved, email today!

ARCHIVE: click here for MP3 Audio
[note: this link will only work after 6pm on Ap. 14th]