What is a Solidarity City? : A Migrant Justice Workshop


On June 14th, organizers for the Solidarity City Campaign hosted a workshop about how solidarity, mutual aid, support work and direct action can be implemented in order to further strengthen the voices of undocumented migrants, to increase visibility of their struggles, as well as to build a stronger support network within the city of Montreal consisting of undocumented people and their allies. CKUT spoke with the organizers beforehand, and an excerpt of the workshop presentation follows the interview.

This piece was produced for CKUT by Claudia Edwards.

Solidarity Across Boarders marches for Canada to “Ouvrez les frontières”


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Justin Trudeau’s Montreal office (529 rue Jarry Est) was the venue for a demonstration under the banner of Solidarity Across Boarders.

“Ouvrez les frontières!” chanted attendees as a marching band played and people danced. Hot chocolate was served for all on the chilly Sunday afternoon of December 13th.

Amidst the fanfare, the demonstration was a serious call to the nascent Liberal government and their current stance on immigration and non-status workers living in Canada.

In light of Canada’s current acceptance of Syrian refugees, Solidarity Across Boarders is urging the government to take their immigration policies a step further. This includes the regularization of current non-status people who are working without documentation, further relaxation of immigration laws, and a halt to the arrest and detaining of already vulnerable individuals.

The rally was also held to denounce racism, in particular islamophobia that has contributed further resistance to immigration.

After a public address was made (some of which can be heard above), the rally marched over to rue Saint-Denis and down to Jean-Talon.

Among the speakers were representatives in support of non-status women living in Canada, and Mexicans united for regularisation.

For more information on their campaigns, or to get involved, please visit Solidarity Across Boarders

Panel Discussion: Paris and Beirut Attacks, Islamophobia at Home

Credit: Eduardo Lima / Demotix / Corbis

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CKUT – Off The Hour hosts a panel discussion situating the recent November ISIS attacks in Paris and Beirut, along with Hollande’s declaration of war, within the local context of xenophobia and the spike in Islamophobic hate crimes which followed in Canada shortly after the attacks.

Thank you to our panelists :
Kawthar : French-Muslim who has lived and studied in Montreal and also has been involved in various community struggles, including Palestine solidarity work.
Sameer Zuberi : member of the Conseil interculturel de Montréal, board member of the Quebec section of the Canadian Muslim Lawyers Association, and has worked in human rights, media relations, education, legal research and the Canadian Reserves.
Suraia Sahar : organizer of the Community Rally against Islamophobia and Imperialism, with the Thorncliffe Reach-Out Teach-In in Toronto.
Syed Hussan : writer and organizer with No One Is Illegal Toronto and Canada’s Migrant Workers Alliance for Change.

Special thanks to Celia Robinovitch, Stefan Christoff, Claudia Edwards and Aaron Lakoff.

Migrant Justice Activists Rally to Bring Home Deported Mexican Teen


[audio https://ia601505.us.archive.org/5/items/SABRallyJune16/SAB%20Rally%20June%2016.mp3]

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On his 17th birthday last October, Daniel was separated from his family and deported alone to Mexico by the CBSA. Over the past 8 months, Solidarity Across Borders has been leading the effort to return Daniel to his family and community in Montreal. The campaign is now taking aim at the Quebec Minister of Immigration, demanding that Daniel be allowed to return and that the government introduce a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy in regard to immigration status in public schools. CKUT’s David Zinman was at yesterday’s rally organized by Solidarity Across Borders in front of the office of the Immigration Minister.

DarkMatter Interviewed on No One Is Illegal Radio!

DarkMatter in studio at CKUT! (Photo: Twitter @DarkMatterRage
DarkMatter in studio at CKUT! (Photo: Twitter @DarkMatterRage)
[audio http://www.mediacoop.ca/sites/mediacoop.ca/files2/mc/audio/ckut_news/dark_matter_interview.mp3]

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No One Is Illegal Radio host Carolin Huang was live in studio with the South Asian trans art duo DarkMatter on November 6th, 2014. Darkmatter spoke about their #ItGetsBitter tour and the relationship between their art practice and gender self(ie) determination, racial justice, and movement building.

For more information, contactnews@ckut.ca

Update on Inquest in to Lucia Vega Jimenez’s Death

Photo: David P. Ball (www.davidpball.com)
Photo: David P. Ball (www.davidpball.com)

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After Lucia Vega Jimenez died under Canadian Border Service Agency’s custody in December 2013 a petition with over 8,688 signatures called for a civilian inquiry into her death. Community groups continue to demand an investigation and a comprehensive review of migrant detention policies. Continue reading

Lucia Vega Jimenez’s case: an update from Shireen Soofi


[audio https://ia600609.us.archive.org/27/items/InterviewWithShireenSoofi/Interview%20with%20Shireen%20Soofi.mp3]

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On December 20th 2013, Lucia Vega Jimenez killed herself under the detention of the Canadian Border Services Agency in Vancouver BC. Her death, which was kept a secret for over a month, has sparked many questions and political action in the migrant justice community. No One Is Illegal put together a petition with over 7,000 signatures demanding an independent civilian investigation in to Lucia’s death and the end of racist and anti-migrant policies from the Canadian Government. On Tuesday February 25th the BC Coroner Service called for an inquest in to Lucia Vega Jimenez’s death. Sula Greene spoke to Shireen Soofi from No One Is Illegal about what the inquest will look like in the coming year and whether significant change in the CBSA is on the horizon.