Sept 24 Weekly Headlines

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In brief:

-Supreme Court of Canada will not consider legality of deporting those who may face torture or death in Charkaoui case
-Deportation stayed for US war resister Jeremy Hintzman and his family
-140 Afghan labourers abducted by suspected Taliban insurgents, governor says
– More civilians die in fighting between NATO and insurgents
– Supplier for Canadian military defends comments on website that critics have called “Islamophobic”
– Staff member for Tory MP Lawrence Cannon accused of making racist comments to Algonquin People of Barriere Lake
– Report by Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives gives Harper low marks in poverty, health care, and climate change
– US federal prosecutors open probe into price fixing by food producers
– Israeli PM Ehud Olmert resigns amidst charges of corruption; Tzipi Livni to replace Olmert
– At University of Toronto, Committee for a Just Education
protests increased fees and the “policing of dissent” on campus

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