Lecture by Hirut Eyob


Photo credits: Skin to Skin

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During the presentation Hirut Eyob talked about birth support services and resources, and the difficulties encountered by Canadian wombn of African decent. This event is part of the Centre for Gender Advocacy’s event series, Thick Skin: reflections on race, gender, & political resistance.

Anouk Millet recorded the event.

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Political profiling and repression existed before C-51


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“ J’ai lu ce titre quelque part recemment “Big Brother” debarque au Canada?. Faite moi rire: Big Brother est ici depuis longtemps, tres longtemps.”

This quote in french comes from Suzanne Chabot, protagonist of our story, in an editorial for la Presse.

Suzanne Chabot is one of three women along with Katy Rougetel and Wendy Stevenson, protagonist of a case of political repression here in Quebec that has been often forgotten. This story need to be reminded at the time the Bill C-51 is about to be adopted.

Wendy Stevenson tells in this interview how in 1979, these three political activists women were fired from their jobs at Pratt & Whitney at the same time, after an RCMP officer had warned their staff about their commitments. A few months later they were fired again but this time simultaneously in two different companies.

Antoine Cadaux talked (in french) to Wendy Stevenson about that story and political profiling and repression.

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Student strikes ramps up despite police violence


Credits: Stefan Christoff

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Anti-austerity protests and the student strike ramp up in Montreal, with over 50 thousand students on strike across Quebec, we’ll hear about mobilizations happening on the McGill campus.

Cecilia MacArthur brings us more.

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Gideon Levy’s Interview by CKUT

Gideon Levy

Credits: ianmasters

[audio https://ia601407.us.archive.org/30/items/GideonLevyInterviewFinal/Gideon%20Levy%20Interview%20final.mp3]

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Israeli author and human rights journalist Gideon Levy is currently touring across Canada, speaking to audiences about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in light of the recent Israeli Elections. After his talk in Montreal, titled “Israeli Election: What’s next for Israel-Palestine?” CKUT’s Celia Robinovitch caught up with him to bring us more on his views.

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Student Strike Starts with a Big Boom


Credits: CBC.ca

[audio https://ia801500.us.archive.org/16/items/March21Demo/March%2021%20Demo.mp3]

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On Saturday, thousands of people marches in Montreal to kick-off a 2 week student strike. The march is the first of a series of weekly demonstrations organized by the Comite Printemps 2015, a collective that works to unite students and workers in the anti-austerity movement. There are now over fifty student associations on strike, representing almost 50 thousand students in Quebec.

Celia Robinovitch covered the event.

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Lecture by Vandana Shiva


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Dr Vandana Shiva was at Concordia University on March 12th for a lecture about her book:

“Soil Not Oil – Climate Change, Fossil Fuels and Agriculture: The most important issue of the Century”

Dr. Vandana Shiva is an international, environmental activist and author of some 20 books. She is a member of the International Forum on Globalization, along with Ralph Nader and Jeremy Rifkin. She fights for biodiversity and the integrity of living resources such as the use of native seeds and organic farming. Dr Shiva calls the corporate patents of seeds, ‘’cultural piracy.’’ She is against plant genetic engineering and seed monopolies.

Tiffany Lam brings you the report of the lecture.

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