Living on the Streets: Toronto vs MTL

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On March the 15th, the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) officially released its report Out in the Cold on the state of the Toronto shelter system . The study’s findings are based on numerous interviews with service users and workers. It points out to a shelter system in crisis, plagued by constant overcrowding, harsh living conditions and a city government unwilling to take action.

Source: OCAP report “Out in the Cold”

CKUT reporter Chloe interviewed one of the writers of this report for a summary of the OCAP’s findings. Some of the statistics are hard to believe. For instance, 81% of the people surveyed stated that they had been denied a shelter bed because the shelters were full (see the chart above)! Equally shocking, in most shelters occupancy levels exceeded 90% every night. This is highly problematic given that  overcrowded shelters lead to a high stress environment, a poor night’s rest and health issues. Luckily, OCAP volunteers and engaged citizens are taking action against this situation. Check out this video to get an idea of the scope of the protests happening in Toronto. 

Francois Boissy

To get a sense of the state of the shelter system in Montreal, we also interviewed Francois Boissy who is the director of operations at La Maison du Pere, one of the largest homeless shelters in the city. He points out some of the differences between the way the cities of Toronto and Montreal deal with their homeless populations.

Aside from the administrative aspect of the shelter systems of Toronto and Montreal, an important question remains: “how does it feel, for people on the ground, to experience the shelter system in both cities?” Michel, an ex-homeless man that lived on the streets for two years from 2009-2011, explained to our reporter his personal experience with Montreal shelters. In this fascinating interview he talks about the reasons why he became an itinerant in the first place, the different shelters he slept in,  food conditions and how shelter services helped him get out of the streets. We are truly grateful for his trust in sharing this story, the full interview is available for stream and download below.

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Vigil in solidarity with prisoners rallies on Palais de Justice steps


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Mois contre les prisons hosted a rally at the Palais de Justice on Tuesday, December 1st. Banners were unfurled on the front steps of the courthouse with messages in support of prisoners and decried the current state of the Canadian prison system, which has been steadily deteriorating in the wake of austerity-driven budget cuts.

An array of passionate speeches delivered by the members emphasized the conditions faced by prisoners and detainees alike. Excerpts from the event can be heard in the above audio.



Au Guatemala, le peuple demande que justice soit faite pour les crimes du passe!


credit photo: Radio Canada International


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Dimanche 6 septembre des elections nationales ont ete organisees au Guatemala. Une forte vague de contestations sociales a en effet pousse a la demission de plusieurs hauts fonctionnaires, et du President Otto Perez Molina, ainsi que de la vice-presidente Roxanna Baldetti. Ils sont inculpes pour fraude fiscale, corruption… Mais en plus de ces accusations, certains reclament plus de severite a l’encontre de Molina. En effet, lors de la dictature de Efrain Rios Montt en 1982-1983 (reconnu par la suite coupable de genocide et crimes de guerre), Molina etait membre de l’armee et a participe aux exactions qui menerent a la mort de plusieurs milliers de personnes, principalement d’origine Maya.

Mateo Pablo est un des principaux defenseurs de la cause ici au Canada. Depuis son arrivee, il n’a cesse de reclamer justice.

Nous l’avons rencontre pour qu’il nous commente les derniers evenements et les analyse. Il revient aussi sur son passe.