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Countdown to Trump Inauguration

With the upcoming inauguration of the president-elect down south, CKUT’s News Collective would like to share some thoughts from Masha, a member of Russia’s Pussy Riot.

Pussy Riot is a feminist protest punk-band-meet-art-collective that uses performance and music to disseminate their defiance. The group’s “guerilla performance” in 2012 at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow brought them international recognition and a two-year jail sentence for mocking Vladimir Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church’s support for the, then, presidential candidate.

In 2016, Pussy Riot again spoke out against the American president-elect. At the time of the interview, Trump was the Republican candidate for the 2016 Presidential election. In response to his success, two songs – “Straight Outta Pussy” and “Make America Great Again” – were released. Both their lyrics and music videos challenged his demonstrated misogyny, racism, and classism.

When asked about Trump, Masha described him as “a crazy asshole.” The interview further explores why tactics employed by feminists in the US and Canada cannot be compared with feminism’s tactics in the Russia, how the rise of Trump resembles that of Putin, and how the media can distort public opinion about struggles against the status quo.

The CKUT News Collective would like to encourage its listeners to go out and show solidarity with DC’s disruptions of Inauguration Day in Montreal.


Interview with Brice Dansereau-Olivier from Printemps 2015 comitee


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With University classes ending and student strikes winding down, many are wondering what's next for the anti-austerity movement.

CKUT volunteer Celia Robinovitch caught up with Comite Printemps 2015 organizer Brice Dansereau-Olivier to reflect on the recent anti-austerity action and discuss where the movement is headed.

CKUT News Collective

Canada En profondeur Iraq

«Solidaire pour faire échec à la guerre»


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Pour En Profonduer, Leila Lemghalef nous a cherché les commentaires d’un militant paléstinien, une citoyenne québécoise, ainsi que de Raymond Legault du Collectif Échec à la guerre lors des actions de protestations contre la participation canadienne à la troisième guerre en Irak. L’évènement du 26 octobe 2014 a été organisé par le Collectif Échec à la guerre et l’Alliance canadienne pour la paix.


Ten Thousand Montrealers march in the Biggest Palestine Solidarity Demonstration Yet

10 000 Montrealers marched on Sunday in solidarity with Palestine

(Special report from CKUT’s show Under The Olive Tree)

Up to ten thousand people marched through the Montreal downtown on Sunday August 10th to show their solidarity with Palestinians and to demand an end to the Canadian government’s complicity with Israeli policies of occupation and apartheid. Today’s protest marks the largest of over ten Palestinian solidarity demonstrations that have taken place in Montreal since Israel began its offensive against Gaza on July 8th.

Canada Palestine

Gaza-Solidarity Protesters Condemn Canadian Political Complicity

Interview with Dan Freeman-Maloy

Like every week since Israel began bombing Gaza on July 8th, hundreds of Montrealers met again this Wednesday July 30th, in front of the Mont-Royal metro station to denounce war crimes committed by Israel in Gaza. This week’s protest was particularly focused on highlighting the complicity of Canadian political parties with these crimes.

Protester condemning the complicity of the 3 main Canadian federal political parties.

Speakers strongly condemned the stance of the three main Canadian federal parties, who have refused to condemn Israel for its war crimes. The organizers of the protest released this statement:


Montrealers Marched for 6 Hours to Express Solidarity with Palestine (August 1st)

A long evening march took place in Montreal this Friday in solidarity with Palestine. Hundreds of Montrealers took to the streets from 6pm to 12am. The protest was organized by PAJU- Palestinian & Jewish Unity. Protesters gathered to denounce Israeli apartheid and the ongoing occupation and colonisation of Palestine. Among the protesters, Anarchopanda pour la gratuité scolaire was also marching in solidarity.


‘Anarchopanda pour la gratuité scolaire’ was among the protesters.
Palestinian girl being interviewed.

Commentary: Radio-Canada Misinforms Canadians about Palestinian Solidarity in Montreal

Open Letter to the CBC Radio-Canada Ombudsman.

Protesters were marching while holding an imitation Apartheid Wall
Protesters were marching while holding an imitation Apartheid Wall

Mainstream media in Canada claims to provide a neutral stance when reporting on issues related to Palestine.  Being neutral means reporting on facts and providing proportional coverage of those facts. On July 19th, Radio-Canada, Quebec’s largest French-speaking news outlet and a beneficiary of Canadian public funds, wrote a news article about a Montreal Palestinian solidarity demonstration that omitted important facts and misrepresented the events that occurred.

The first thing you learn in journalism school about reporting on facts is to always report on the 5 W’s:  Who?  What?  Where?  When?  Why?


Gaza-Solidarity in Montreal: 5 Actions in 10 Days

(A special report from CKUT’s program Under the Olive Tree)

Mobilization in solidarity with Palestinians continues to intensify in Montreal, as Friday saw the 6th protest against Israel’s war on Gaza since the offensive began on July 8th.  Hundreds of protesters have gathered in Montreal to demand an end to Israel’s deadly air and ground offensive in Gaza that has killed over 1,060 Palestinians and wounded over 6,000. Protesters are demanding an end to Israel’s colonial occupation of Palestine and are calling on the Canadian and Quebec governments to end their complicity with Israeli breaches of international law.


After the first protest took place on July 11th, hundreds of Montrealers gathered again on July 16th to march through the streets.  Jasmin and Amal, two women from Gaza explained that “it’s just not fair what’s happening to the kids, to the women, to the men.  I just want Canadians to step up and say it’s not ok, it’s not right what’s happening”.

2 Protesters from Gaza - July 16
2 Protesters from Gaza – July 16

Hundreds Gather once again in Montreal in Solidarity with Gaza

Since Israel’s “Operation Protective Edge” was launched on Gaza two weeks ago, a massive mobilization campaign has taken place worldwide to protest against Isreal’s aggression against Gazan civilians. Over 718 Gazans have been killed and over 3,750 injured since July 8th when Israel’s operation was launched.

As Israeli bombs continue to drop on Gaza, Montrealers have been marching on the streets in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Bellow are photographs taken during July 23rd protest.





Mobilisation for Gaza Continues in Montreal

Protesters holding the longest Palestinian flag in the world.

Since Israel began its military assault on Gaza 2 weeks ago, Montrealers have been pouring into the streets to denounce Israel’s disregard for international law, its occupation of Palestinian land, and its apartheid system.  Over 620 Gazans have been killed and over 3,750 injured since July 8th in what Israel is calling “Operation Protective Edge”.

After Montreal’s protest of july 11th, Montrealers took again to the streets on July 16th and 19th to express their solidarity with the Palestinian people and demand the immediate end of this indiscriminate and deadly assault on Gaza. This report covers the last 2 protests.



(A special report from CKUT’s program Under The Olive Tree)
Under the Olive Tree is a Montreal-based community radio program in solidarity with Palestinians aired live every Thursday from 11am – 12 noon on CKUT 90.3 FM in Montreal and on CFRC 101.9FM in Kingston, Ontario from 4pm – 5pm.

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