Émission spéciale sur le racisme et l’antiracisme avec Thérèse Namahoro


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Émission spéciale autour d’un atelier intitulé L’ABC de l’antiracisme, longue entrevue avec Thérèse Namahoro diffusée sur En Profondeur le lundi 4 juillet entre 17h et 18h sur CKUT (ckut.ca et sur le 90.3fm à
soi-disant «Montréal»)

Jeudi 7 juillet 2016
à 15:30 au Pavillon Jean-Brillant à la salle B-4225, Thérèse
Namahoro et Lourdenie Jean présenteront un ABC de l’anti-racisme:
une conférence sur les luttes anti-racistes et comment elles
s’inscrivent spécifiquement dans la démarche féministe.

Lundi 4 juillet, nous avons dédié l’émission complète à cet abc de l’antiracisme selon
Thérèse Namahoro

Les thèmes abordés ont été :
– racisme systémique et au quotidien
– histoire du racisme au soi-disant «Québec» et au soi-disant «Canada»
-appropriation culturelle
-féminisme blanc
-féminisme intersectionnel
-profilage racial
-brutalité policière

et plusieurs autres

Pour plus d’info
concernant leur présentation à l’Université de Montréal :


Solidarity Across Boarders marches for Canada to “Ouvrez les frontières”


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Justin Trudeau’s Montreal office (529 rue Jarry Est) was the venue for a demonstration under the banner of Solidarity Across Boarders.

“Ouvrez les frontières!” chanted attendees as a marching band played and people danced. Hot chocolate was served for all on the chilly Sunday afternoon of December 13th.

Amidst the fanfare, the demonstration was a serious call to the nascent Liberal government and their current stance on immigration and non-status workers living in Canada.

In light of Canada’s current acceptance of Syrian refugees, Solidarity Across Boarders is urging the government to take their immigration policies a step further. This includes the regularization of current non-status people who are working without documentation, further relaxation of immigration laws, and a halt to the arrest and detaining of already vulnerable individuals.

The rally was also held to denounce racism, in particular islamophobia that has contributed further resistance to immigration.

After a public address was made (some of which can be heard above), the rally marched over to rue Saint-Denis and down to Jean-Talon.

Among the speakers were representatives in support of non-status women living in Canada, and Mexicans united for regularisation.

For more information on their campaigns, or to get involved, please visit Solidarity Across Boarders

Interview with Director Mina Shum on “The Ninth Floor” Documentary, and Concordia’s Anti-Racist Movement of 1969

Photo Credit: VIFF

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In this interview we speak with Mina Shum, director of the recently released documentary “The Ninth Floor,” produced by the National Film Board of Canada, and competing in the upcoming Festival de Nouveau Cinema. The Ninth Floor delves back into the history of Concordia’s rarely talked about “Computer Riots,” forty-five years later, and features live interviews with the primarily black student protestors whom at the time had filed an official complaint about the racist practices of biology professor Perry Anderson. His rate of failures for black students was consistently high, but the administration’s weak response to the issue triggered the occupation of SGW’s ninth floor by the student protestors for almost two weeks.

The film will be screened on Friday October 9th, co-presented by Cinema Politica and the FNC.

This interview was produced by Claudia Edwards.

Anti-Roma Racism in Canada



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On Thursday, August 27, 2015, musicians and concert goers attend the second in a series called “Rock n’ Roma Against Deportations”, a fundraiser to support the struggle of Roma families facing deportation from Canada. Despite the rise in Neo-Nazi movements in countries like Hungary and Czech Republic that are openly targeting Roma, as well as a continuation of centuries of systemic and social violence against Roma throughout Europe, the Canadian government continues its own racist scapegoating of Roma communities, particularly refugees. Simone Lucas and Avi Gross-Grand interview Dafina Savic, Executive Director of Romanipe (link:https://romanipe.wordpress.com), an organization mobilizing around racism and discrimination the Roma face worldwide and in Canada.

“Il n’est pas le temps de tourner la page,” dit organisateur de vigile pour Fredy Villanueva

Photo credit: Molly Korab
Photo credit: Molly Korab
[audio https://ia601506.us.archive.org/31/items/FreddyVillanuevaEntrevue/FREDDY%20%20interview%20(Final%20cut)%20mp3%20(1).mp3]

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Le 9 août, le Comité de soutien à Dany Villanueva a organisé une vigile à Montréal-Nord pour Fredy Villanueva, un jeune homme originaire de Honduras qui a perdu sa vie sous les balles d’un policier du Service de la Police de la Ville de Montréal Jean-Loup Lapointe, il y a 7 ans dans ce même arrondissement. Le jeune de dix-huit ans jouait à un jeu de dés illégal avec son frère et ses trois amis avant que Lapointe l’ait abattu. Villanueva ni son frère et ses amis étaient armés. 

Alexandre, l’un des membres du Comité, a parlé avec Emma Noradounkian, membre du collectif d’actualités à CKUT, de l’importance de tenir cette vigile à chaque année. Alexandre a raconté qu’il n’est pas le temps de tourner la page et que le profilage racial demeure toujours une réalité à Montréal. L’entrevue a été réalisée avant le vigil. 

Presenting “Speaking the Unspoken: A critical examination of McGill’s celebrated employment practices”

Photo: Jill Bachelder, The McGill Daily
Photo: Jill Bachelder, The McGill Daily
[audio https://ia600308.us.archive.org/20/items/SpeakingUnspoken2Mixdown/Speaking%20Unspoken%202_mixdown.mp3]

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In solidarity with the 84 people who got arrested at last week’s May Day anti-capitalist protest, 27 of whom were given criminal charges, CKUT presents to you a ~critical auditory adventure~ about McGill’s celebrated employment practices. Continue reading

Montreal’s Black Community Responds to Ferguson

Photo: McGill Daily
Photo: McGill Daily
[audio http://www.mediacoop.ca/sites/mediacoop.ca/files2/mc/audio/ckut_news/ferguson_panel_nov_25.mp3]

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On Monday, November 24, a grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri, decided not to criminally indict Darren Wilson, a police officer who shot and killed unarmed Black youth Michael Brown back in August. Protests and riots quickly errupted in Ferguson, a suburb of St-Louis, following the court’s decision, and also happened simultaneously in many cities across the US.

On Tuesday night in Montreal, there was a candlelight vigil and protest at the Roddick gates of McGill, organized by the Black Student Network.

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