CJFE Setting Ground for Montreal Police and Independent Journalists

Image Credit: http://www.pressenza.com/2013/03/canada-detains-over-240-in-anti-police-brutality-rally/

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Canadian Journalists for Free Expression (CJFE) mediated a meeting between some members of independent media and the Montreal Police on September 21st, to bridge existing disputes between the two groups. At Montreal demonstrations and rallies, the police have often been acting aggressively towards the protesters, kettling and using force on them. The journalists have been victims of attacks as well if they happened to be indistinguishable from the protesters and looked unconvincing to police.

Although members of the police portray violent accidents as simple misunderstandings, their forceful acts restrict journalists’ rights for free expression and oftentimes result in physical damage. CJFE brought the two groups together for a possibility of establishing ground rules of conduct lest further instances of brutality occur. CKUT’s Kateryna Gordiychuk talked with Tom Henheffer to find out more.

The Baltimore Uprising in Context: Interview with Pastor Heber Brown III

photo credit: Arash Azizzada https://www.flickr.com/photos/87films/16691474913/in/photolist-rqYaYe-s6coZq-snJMX4-snJM9a-pgKHso-ozTpeK-oipfp4-oBD3nZ-oipp7K-oBDbd8-ozBCuF-ozTpP2-ozBzGr-ozFbBy-ozTmjX-oipdZa-oiotNy-ozTpLr-oBD68t-ozRBTJ-oBD8qK-oBD56D-oioCgL-oBD8HZ-oioRMG-ozBvhp-ozFkLA-ozRAcN-oiotCy-oBD7nx-oioKNt-oioH4k-oiotc3-oioTc5-ozRCiw-ozBCev-oioxvo-ozFk8b-oxRBvq-ozTsV2-ozToZM-oxRzvd-oipiGM-oiouaA-oiou5L-oxRsYA-oioMeU-oioMVU-oioLuZ-ozRDEj
West Baltimore on April 28th 2015, photo credit: Arash Azizzada
[audio https://ia601501.us.archive.org/2/items/heberbrown/heberbrowninterview.mp3]

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On Friday May 1st the Baltimore City State Attorney, Marilyn Mosby, announced publicly the charges against 6 police officers involved with the murder of Freddie Gray. This comes as the first step towards justice for Freddie Gray, who sustained fatal injuries in police custody, and died a week after he was was chased and arrested by officers on Baltimore’s west side.

In light of the recent protests Ellen Payne Smith, from CKUT’s News Collective, connected on April 30th with Pastor Heber Brown the 3rd, a justice advocate, activist and community leader on the ground in Baltimore, to hear a grassroots perspective.

The coalition that Pastor Brown mentions in the interview is Baltimore United at bmoreunited.org and you can follow Pastor Brown on twitter @heberbrown.

Montreal Activists Win Court Victory Over Anti-Protest Bylaw P6

Photo: Tim McSorely, Media Coop
Photo: Tim McSorely, Media Coop
[audio https://ia601502.us.archive.org/20/items/KevinPaulFinal/Kevin%20Paul%20final.mp3]

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Kevin Paul of the ASSE legal committee discusses the significant victory over P6 at the Municipal Court in Montreal on February 9.

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COBP sur la Loi 3


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Bobette du Collectif Opposé à la brutalité policière nous a donné ses propos envers la loi 3, mais tout d’abord elle nous a parlé de l’initiative Solidarité avec Bobette. Leila Lemghalef nous a ramené l’entrevue.

Un artiste censuré par la SPVM

Source: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Censure-du-SPVM/893115274033001
Source: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Censure-du-SPVM/893115274033001
[audio http://montreal.mediacoop.ca/sites/mediacoop.ca/files2/mc/audio/ckut_news/brian_spvm_censure_final.mp3]

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Brian est un muraliste montréalais qui travaillait sur un oeuvre au coin d’Ontario et Pie-IX dans le quartier de Hochelaga-Maisoneuve. Le mural s’agissait d’un portrait de Marc Parent, le chef de la police de Montréal, avec une cagoule. L’ouvre était presque terminé la semaine passé, mais finalement la SPVM voulait pas que ça passe. Le résultat – le mural a été blanchit.

Brian était à CKUT cette semaine pour raconter son histoire, la significance du murale, et pourquoi la SPVM n’aime pas trop les expressions artistiques qui la critique.

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Montreal’s Black Community Responds to Ferguson

Photo: McGill Daily
Photo: McGill Daily
[audio http://www.mediacoop.ca/sites/mediacoop.ca/files2/mc/audio/ckut_news/ferguson_panel_nov_25.mp3]

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On Monday, November 24, a grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri, decided not to criminally indict Darren Wilson, a police officer who shot and killed unarmed Black youth Michael Brown back in August. Protests and riots quickly errupted in Ferguson, a suburb of St-Louis, following the court’s decision, and also happened simultaneously in many cities across the US.

On Tuesday night in Montreal, there was a candlelight vigil and protest at the Roddick gates of McGill, organized by the Black Student Network.

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Anti-Copa, Resistance Art, and Brazil’s World Cup Struggles

Graffiti painted by Brazilian street artist


Anti-Copa, Resistance Art, and Brazil’s World Cup Struggles

An interview with Andalusia Knoll

[audio http://www.mediacoop.ca/sites/mediacoop.ca/files2/mc/audio/ckut_news/andalusia_edit.mp3]

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As we approach the World Cup final match, protests and discontent continue on the streets of Brazil’s cities in what is known as the “anti-copa” movement. To get a sense of what is happening on the ground, CKUT’s news collective spoke with freelance journalist Andalusia Knoll. Andalusia had been reporting on the anti-copa movement in Brazil for several weeks.

For all of her reports, check out her Twitter account @Andalalucha