Countdown to Trump Inauguration

With the upcoming inauguration of the president-elect down south, CKUT’s News Collective would like to share some thoughts from Masha, a member of Russia’s Pussy Riot.

Pussy Riot is a feminist protest punk-band-meet-art-collective that uses performance and music to disseminate their defiance. The group’s “guerilla performance” in 2012 at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow brought them international recognition and a two-year jail sentence for mocking Vladimir Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church’s support for the, then, presidential candidate.

In 2016, Pussy Riot again spoke out against the American president-elect. At the time of the interview, Trump was the Republican candidate for the 2016 Presidential election. In response to his success, two songs – “Straight Outta Pussy” and “Make America Great Again” – were released. Both their lyrics and music videos challenged his demonstrated misogyny, racism, and classism.

When asked about Trump, Masha described him as “a crazy asshole.” The interview further explores why tactics employed by feminists in the US and Canada cannot be compared with feminism’s tactics in the Russia, how the rise of Trump resembles that of Putin, and how the media can distort public opinion about struggles against the status quo.

The CKUT News Collective would like to encourage its listeners to go out and show solidarity with DC’s disruptions of Inauguration Day in Montreal.


World Press Photo Montreal : Photography As A Social Weapon For The 2015 Spokesman Samian

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Samian, musician, actor but also photograph; is the spokesman of the 2015 Montreal edition of the World Press Photo. From August the 27th to September the 28th at Marche Bonsecours, the rewarded journalism photographs are exposed to raise awareness among public opinion. Montreal Edition collaborate with local organizations like OXFAM with an exposition about inequalities or Wapikoni, who works with First Nations communities to bring them formation and materiel in cinema and in music. For him, photography, as any form of art, can and will act as a social weapon.

Quebec On The Move from March 4-18




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The Centre for Community Organizations (COCo) with the support of Concordia’s Office of Community Engagement is presenting “Quebec on the Move,” an art exhibit about contemporary social movements.

Featuring video interviews with 22 community organizers, the art installation is coming to Concordia’s library building from March 4 -18.

Check out the full schedule of complementary events on the Facebook page.

Antoine Cadaux was covering the launching of the exhibit.

CKUT News Collective

Un artiste censuré par la SPVM


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Brian est un muraliste montréalais qui travaillait sur un oeuvre au coin d’Ontario et Pie-IX dans le quartier de Hochelaga-Maisoneuve. Le mural s’agissait d’un portrait de Marc Parent, le chef de la police de Montréal, avec une cagoule. L’ouvre était presque terminé la semaine passé, mais finalement la SPVM voulait pas que ça passe. Le résultat – le mural a été blanchit.

Brian était à CKUT cette semaine pour raconter son histoire, la significance du murale, et pourquoi la SPVM n’aime pas trop les expressions artistiques qui la critique.

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DarkMatter Interviewed on No One Is Illegal Radio!

DarkMatter in studio at CKUT! (Photo: Twitter @DarkMatterRage
DarkMatter in studio at CKUT! (Photo: Twitter @DarkMatterRage)

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No One Is Illegal Radio host Carolin Huang was live in studio with the South Asian trans art duo DarkMatter on November 6th, 2014. Darkmatter spoke about their #ItGetsBitter tour and the relationship between their art practice and gender self(ie) determination, racial justice, and movement building.

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Palestine Solidarity Sessions: Interview with Nora Taji of CPFQ

Nora Taji addressing the crowd during the August 10th Palestine-Solidarity protest
Nora Taji addressing the crowd during the August 10th Palestine-Solidarity protest

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Noja Taji is a committee member of the CPFQ (the Canadian Palestinian Foundation of Quebec). CPFQ is a Montreal-based cultural, social and charitable non-profit organization.

In this interview, Nora talks about CPFQ and how it was founded in the 80s as a way to help the Palestinian community in Montreal.  She also discusses the importance of maintaining and promoting the Palestinian cultural heritage to resist cultural appropriation by Israel. Nora also explains how you can volunteer within CPFQ to help with the different activities they participate in, this include the upcoming Orientalys festival taking place from August 29 to September 2d.

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