«Solidaire pour faire échec à la guerre»


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Pour En Profonduer, Leila Lemghalef nous a cherché les commentaires d’un militant paléstinien, une citoyenne québécoise, ainsi que de Raymond Legault du Collectif Échec à la guerre lors des actions de protestations contre la participation canadienne à la troisième guerre en Irak. L’évènement du 26 octobe 2014 a été organisé par le Collectif Échec à la guerre et l’Alliance canadienne pour la paix.

Night Vigil for Gaza

On July 25th , dozens of Montrealers met at night for a quiet vigil at the Montreal Old Port. While overlooking the Saint-Laurent river, protesters lit candles and released sky lanterns in the memory of the hundreds of Palestinians who have died since July 8th.

Protester holding a candle in the memory of the Palestinian victims
Protester holding a candle in the memory of the Palestinian victims
Protester holding a candle in the memory of the Palestinian victims
Protester holding a candle in the memory of the Palestinian victims

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Montrealers Protest Israel’s Deadly Assault on Gaza and Call for an End to the Illegal Israeli Apartheid Wall

For the third time in less than 10 days, hundreds of Montrealers took to the streets on July 19 to demand an end to Israel’s war crimes and violations of international law.  Ten years after the International Court of Justice ruled Israel’s Apartheid Wall illegal, the wall continues to divide Palestinian families, expropriate Palestinian land, and serve as a visual reminder of the system of Apartheid that Israel has instilled both within the Occupied Palestinian Territories and within Israel proper.

Protesters in the hundreds marched through the Jean Talon district demanding an end to Israel’s deadly assault on Gaza that has killed over 435 Palestinians, one third of whom were women and children, since Israel launched an offensive operation entitled “Operation Protective Edge” on July 8.

Protesters stopped in front of the G4S Montreal Office calling for its boycott and divestment. G4S is a British-Danish security company that supplies services and equipment to Israeli prisons where Palestinians are held without charge or trial in Administrative Detention and where torture against Palestinian political prisoners has been proven to be rampant.  It also supplies the full-body scanning equipment to the more than 500 checkpoints that operate along the Wall that impede Palestinian freedom of movement.  Protesters called on the Quebec Government, which holds shares in the company, to divest from it just as the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation did last month.

Protesters carrying the longest Palestinian flag in the world

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Hundreds Gather in Montreal for the Second Time in Solidarity with Gaza

The Palestinian death toll continues to rise ever since Israel launched its “Operation Protective Edge” against the Gaza Strip on Tuesday July 8th.  At least 274 Gazans have been killed to date.  In response, a massive  mobilization campaign is taking place worldwide to protest against Israel’s aggression against Gazan civilians. Hundreds of Montrealers took to the streets last Friday July 11th. They marched again this week on Wednesday July 16th.  As protesters held the longest Palestinian flag in the world, they demanded an end to Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine and the Canadian Government’s complicity with Israeli war crimes, calling for citizens to boycott, divest, and sanction Israeli Apartheid.  

Protesters gathered in front of Mont-Royal Station.
Activist addressing the crowd.

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Hundreds Gather in Montreal on Friday to Denounce Yet Another Israeli War on Gaza

(A special report from CKUT’s program Under the Olive Tree) 

Hundreds of people gathered on Friday July 11
th in downtown Montreal to demonstrate support for Palestinians and to protest against the recent assault by the Israeli Army on the Gaza Strip. Since Tuesday July 8th, over 180 Gazans have been killed by Israeli air strikes, many of whom are children and over 1,120 Palestinians wounded in what Israel is calling “Operation Protective Edge”.

Hundreds took to the streets to express their solidarity with Gaza

Emergency protests were organized around the world to denounce the brutal attack on Gaza.  Hala Marley, a member of the Montreal-based group Palestinian and Jewish Unity (PAJU) explained that the Montreal protest was started by a citizen initiative that then drew in larger organisations from across the city.  Even though brought together by tragic events, there was a strong sense of solidarity and empowerment among the protesters as they held the longest Palestinian flag in the world covered with messages of hope and encouragement for the Palestinian people. Continue reading

First Nations National Day of Resistance organized in Ottawa and Canada-wide on May 14


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On May 14th, over a thousand people gathered in Ottawa for a Day of National Resistance organized to protest against recent government relations with First Nations people. There were also many companion events organized across the country. The protest was centered on three key issues. The first was the recent and controversial Bill C-33, or First Nation Control of First Nation Education Act. The event also protested against the Harper government’s disinclination to launch a national inquiry into the high incidence of missing and murdered indigenous women in Canada. And lastly, the event took issue with Bill C-10, or the Contraband Tobacco Act, in which the government aims to criminalize the selling, buying, or trading of tobacco without a federal excise tax stamp. Jode Kechego, who organized the event, talked to CKUT about the implications of these three issues as well as his hopes for the First Nations movement, both in its internal relations and in its relations with the government.