Off the Hour, week of February 23

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On this week’s OTH:

Monday… the Homlessness Marathon was broadcast LIVE from the Native Friendship Center in Montreal, and rebroadcast on stations from coast to coast. Read more about the Homelessness Marathon here.

Tuesday… Some highlights from the Homelessness Marathon. Then, some events you won’t want to miss during the 5th annual Apartheid Week. Rounding out the hour, another episode of Homeless Radio hosted by Roach.

Wednesday… excerpts from a lecture given by Robert Fisk at Concordia University. Fisk is an award-winning Middle East correspondent stationed in Beirut, Lebanon and reporting for The Independent.

Thursday… CKUT aired a special four-hour broadcast to mark the fifth anniversary of the overthrow of Haitian democracy. The program will provide in-depth interviews with Haitian union leaders, progressive politicians, and rights advocates, and will also feature a panel discussion with members of the Canada Haiti Action Network (CHAN). Five years ago, Canadian soldiers participated in a military operation to overthrow Haiti’s elected government. Today, after five years of neoliberal “shock therapy”, Canadian personnel remain in Haiti under the cover of a UN mission. Haiti remains Canada’s other, untalked-of, occupation, along with Afghanistan. This special program aims to explore Canada’s role in Haiti and to highlight Haitian resistance.

Friday… This week’s headlines, brought to you by CKUT’s news collective. Aaron Lakoff then speaks to Jessica Carpinone about a poster promoting Israeli Apartheid Week that was banned at Carleton University. Then, a preview of the International Women’s Day conference from CKUT’s Caitlin Chappel and Anabel Khoo.


Headlines for Feb. 25, 2009

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This week:
-Hotel workers enter 8th month locked out of work by employers at Holiday Inn Longueuil
-Montreal music venue Casa del Popolo forced to cancel all upcoming shows until further notice
-Court reduces level of police surveillance on Adil Charkaoui
-BC and Federal governments release swollen security budget for 2010 Olympics
-Ft. Chipewyan aboriginals and researcher Dr. John O’Connor renew call for Alberta to reverse environmental degradation caused by N. Alberta oil sands
-Homeless man found burned to death in Abbotsford, BC
-Media news: poor and homeless people and supporters take to airwaves for 14 consecutive hours during nation-wide broadcast of The Homelessness Marathon
-According to an unconfirmed report in The Jerusalem Post, Canada is now representing Israeli interests at Caracas
-British police warn economic recession could spark rioting by disaffected middle class, activists and environmentalists for a “summer of rage”

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Off the Hour, week of Feb. 16th

Here’s what aired on this week’s Off the Hour. Click on hyperlinks for archived audio.

Tuesday … the McGill Daily in Review, the York University strike, an interesting perspective on the economy and a sneak preview of next week’s Homelessness Marathon.

Wednesday… as part of our coverage for Black History Month, the Avalanche aired a lecture given by award winning historian and specialist in Black Canadian History, Dr. Dorothy Williams. You can read about her life and work here.

Thursday… CKUT’s David Tacium hosts a new edition of Labour Radio.

Friday… Abdelkader Balaouni hosts the Hour of Power from sanctuary in St. Gabriel’s church.

Abdelkader Belaouni (“Kader” to his friends) is a refugee from Algeria who came to Montreal via the USA. Kader is in sanctuary inside the St-Gabriel’s Catholic Church in his community of Point St-Charles — a mixed French-English poor working class neighborhood of Montreal, with a long history of community mobilization.

Kader defied an order to be deported on January 5, 2006, and has remained in sanctuary ever since.

CKUT is a community radio station proudly embedded in movements for social justice, particularly those of migrants in Montreal. Since Kader cannot leave the church, CKUT radio will join him inside the sanctuary of St-Gabriel’s Church, in the heart of Point St-Charles.

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Headlines for the week of Feb. 15, 2009

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In brief:


– Dogwood Initiative: sticker campaign on loonies against oil pipeline, get Royal Canadian Mint’s attention

– Stats Canada: largest monthly drop in manufacturing sales since 1992, forcasting cut backs on work-force

– RCMP reveals new guidelines on Taser usage

– Web: eligible for royalties from Google

– Afghanistan: NATO receives orders to attack Afghans who use drug trade to help fund Taliban
– US-Canada border: unmanned, remote-controlled flying robots to patrol border

– Massachusetts: Hampshire College first to divest from companies that profit from Israeli occupation
(+ audio clip)

– Middle East: Israel plans to expand illegal settlement, shakes negotiations for peaceful agreement

– Worldwide: Fifth Annual Israeli Apartheid Week – March 5 – 8, 2009

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Friday Off the Hour – February 13, 2009

Off the Hour is a daily news show broadcast live from 5-6 pm on CKUT, 90.3 fm in Montreal.

On today’s edition of Off the Hour…

Weekly headlines from the grassroots, produced by the CKUT News Collective.

Then we hear from Kristen Ess fromthe Palestine News Network, for an update on the Middle East.

We also speak to Jacqueline House from the Six Nations community, which is at odds with developers over continued construction on disputed land.

Then, a sneak peak of Dr. Dorothy Williams’s lecture as part of Black History Month events at Concordia University. Williams is a historian specializing in Black Canadian history and author of three books.

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Headlines for the week of Feb. 9, 2009

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Headlines for the week of Feb. 1, 2009

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