Panel Discussion: Paris and Beirut Attacks, Islamophobia at Home

Credit: Eduardo Lima / Demotix / Corbis

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CKUT – Off The Hour hosts a panel discussion situating the recent November ISIS attacks in Paris and Beirut, along with Hollande’s declaration of war, within the local context of xenophobia and the spike in Islamophobic hate crimes which followed in Canada shortly after the attacks.

Thank you to our panelists :
Kawthar : French-Muslim who has lived and studied in Montreal and also has been involved in various community struggles, including Palestine solidarity work.
Sameer Zuberi : member of the Conseil interculturel de Montréal, board member of the Quebec section of the Canadian Muslim Lawyers Association, and has worked in human rights, media relations, education, legal research and the Canadian Reserves.
Suraia Sahar : organizer of the Community Rally against Islamophobia and Imperialism, with the Thorncliffe Reach-Out Teach-In in Toronto.
Syed Hussan : writer and organizer with No One Is Illegal Toronto and Canada’s Migrant Workers Alliance for Change.

Special thanks to Celia Robinovitch, Stefan Christoff, Claudia Edwards and Aaron Lakoff.