DarkMatter Interviewed on No One Is Illegal Radio!

DarkMatter in studio at CKUT! (Photo: Twitter @DarkMatterRage
DarkMatter in studio at CKUT! (Photo: Twitter @DarkMatterRage)
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No One Is Illegal Radio host Carolin Huang was live in studio with the South Asian trans art duo DarkMatter on November 6th, 2014. Darkmatter spoke about their #ItGetsBitter tour and the relationship between their art practice and gender self(ie) determination, racial justice, and movement building.

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In photographs: Occupy Central rally in Montreal


A rally in support of Occupy Central – consisting of over 100 attendees – took place outside the McConnell Engineering Building on McGill University campus yesterday, October 1, beginning at 2pm and lasted until 4pm. Speeches were given in support of Occupy Central, including a diversity of opinions regarding the question of whose democracy is being fought for on the streets, as well as economic and migrant worker issues which have been largely ignored by the mainstream media. Continue reading

Quebec provincial elections: voter suppression and intimidation


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On April 7, Quebecers will go to the polls to vote in a provincial election. Several key controversial issues remain in the air as we approach election day. We begin our show tonight looking at the issue of voter repression in Montreal’s downtown riding, Ville St-Marie. The news collective’s Amelie Phillipson spoke with Kira Page of QPIRG-McGill and Cassie Smith of QPIRG-Concordia to bring us this story.

McGill sexual assault policy


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In order to address the lack of a sexual assault policy at McGill University a number of campus groups collectively launched a website outlining their demands. The website  includes an open letter to the McGill administration, a petition and a proposed sexual assault policy. CKUT’s Sula Greene spoke with Kai O’Doherty from the Union for Gender Empowerment and Brooke Nancekivell from QPRIG McGill who were both part of the team that lauched the site.