Headlines for the week of March 9, 2009

Click here to listen (runs 17m 57s)


– Montreal – International Women’s Day: thousands rally calling for a new world order

– Montreal – McGill University plans to purchase hotel where workers have been on strike since August


– Fort Chipewyan – Former primary care physician for Ft Chipewyan First Nation states link between oil sands and cancer rates

– Canada – Mining in northern Canada is in sharp decline, while government tax break for junior mining companies still stands

– York University hosts landmark conference to discuss Canadian mining industry

– Halifax – Court proceedings continue for four activists protesting free Atlantica trade agreement

– Ecuadorian activists sue the Toronto Stock Exchange


– Peru – Peru Top Court Bans Some Oil Exploration Work including Canadian company Talisman Inc.

– Gaza – Montreal Engineer enters Gaza after three weeks of trying

– Worldwide – Israeli Apartheid Week took place in cities and on campuses around the world last week

– Iran/US – Six major american news organizations call for release of independent journalist

featuring voices of: Dolores Chew, Dr. John O’Connor, Carlos Zorrilla, Ehab Lotayef, Ronnie Kasrils

If rebroadcast, comments/feedback/questions?
Please contact headlines@ckut.ca

Credits: our friends at the Dominion, and our contributors Anabel Khoo, Juniper Belshaw, Leah Gardner, Laura Glowacki, David Koch, Brodie MacRae, TJ kahan, and Laurin Liu


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