Headlines for the week of March 15th, 2009

Click HERE to listen (runs 14 min 21 sec)


Montreal – Thousands participate in Annual Anti-Police Brutality March

Montreal – Mont-Royal MP Irwin Cotler makes public allegations against Iran

McGill University – Green Week highlights needs for ecological sustainability


Canada – Over 100 people pool money for Abdelrazik’s plane ticket, despite facing up to ten years in jail

Alberta – Fails to publicly disclose environmental violations by oilsands contractors


Washington, DC – First Nations activists deliver letter to John Kerry protesting US reliance on oil from Alberta tarsands, coinciding with Jim Prentice’s visit

Calgary – Bush welcomed by Calgary Chamber of Congress

France – Highest levels of industrial tensions since start of financial crisis
Credits: TJ Kahan, Juniper Belshaw, David Koch, Brodie McRae, Chris Albinati, Anabel Khoo, The Dominion

If rebroadcast, comments/feedback/questions please contact: headlines@ckut.ca

Hosted by Radio4All.net: http://www.radio4all.net/index.php/program/32170


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