Headlines for the week of March 1st, 2009

Click HERE to listen. (runs 11 min, 40 sec)

Local news:

Montreal – Casa del Popolo venue rennovating in facing two liquor/concert venue licensing court cases

Mile End – Redevelopment plans for St-Viateur street update: public and private investment interested; grassroots group organizes discussions and rally

National news:

Vancouver – lawyer plans to lay crimminal charges on George Bush upon Calgary visit

Canada / Afghanistan – Prime Minister Harper doubts “success” in Afghanistan, after sending 1,600 additional troops

International news:

US – Internal Bush admin documents reveal major legal errors post 9/11

Washington, DC – Thousands of youth travel to DC demanding action on climate change

Lahore, Pakistan – Attack on Sri Lankan cricket team: Five security officers killed, Seven cricket players injured

Credits: Leah Gardner, Laura Glowacki, Chesley Walsh, Tariq Jeeroburkahan, Laurin Liu

If rebroadcast, comments/feedback/questions please contact headlines@ckut.ca

Hosted by the NCRA: http://www.ncra.ca/exchange/dspProgramDetail.cfm?programID=81772


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