Mohamed Harkat: Security Certificates and Secret Trials


Download the interview here.

The controversial Security Certificate process is an immigration procedure that can be used by the Canadian government to deport non-Canadians who are deemed to be a threat to the country. For national security reasons, the allegations and evidence held against the Security Certificate detainees are not fully disclosed and significant parts of their trials are held in secret. If the Certificate is upheld, the ruling is automatically converted into a deportation order. The decision is final, and only the presiding judge can permit an appeal. Groups such as the Canadian Peace Alliance argue that ”the Canadian Security Certificate process suspends the rule of law and violates fundamental human rights that are protected under both the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms”. There is a call for the abolition of the process and for the Security Certificate detainees to be given a ”open, fair trial conducted with full disclosure to an accused person of the evidence against him/her”.

CKUT’s Rose W talked to Sophie Harkat, whose husband Mohamed Harkat was arrested 13 years ago under a secret trial Security Certificate. After being imprisoned for 43 months, Mohamed was released on bail under the toughest bail conditions in Canadian history, all without knowing what the evidence was against him. Mohamed is now fighting being deported back to Algeria, where he is at risk of detention, torture or death due to the allegations that have been made. Sophie Harkat shares her story, her thoughts on the controversial Security Certificate and her campaign for justice.

For more information about Mohamed Harkat’s case:
For more information about the Security Certificate:
For more information about the call to abolish the Security Certificate:

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