BC Supreme Court rules against assessment of Northern Gateway Pipeline – Interview with Art Sterritt of Coastal First Nations


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A recent ruling from the Supreme Court of British Columbia has halted Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Pipeline project.

The assessment of the project was found to be invalid because it did not address the concerns of the province and their obligation to obtain consent from the Gitga’at First Nations communities.

British Columbia had handed the assessment over to the National Energy Board as an “equivalency agreement,” meaning it would be as binding as if it were performed by the province itself. The Supreme Court took issue with the assessment because it stepped around the obligation to consult First Nation communities; a condition that a provincially run assessment would have to satisfy.

Several petitions against the pipeline were brought to the attention of the province. The influx of oil tankers caused by the NG pipeline would be a major source of disruption to the coastal Gitga’at community. The bitumen oil that would run through the pipeline also poses an environmental hazard. It is a semi-solid refinement of crude oil that would be incredibly difficult to clean up should the pipeline ever rupture.

In the above interview CKUT is joined by Art Sterritt. He is an executive for Coastal First Nations and a member of the Gitga’at community.


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