The Avalanche takes on ablism in the mainstream media

Check out today’s edition of Off The Hour, presented by The Avalanche — click here to download. (right-click and select “save link as” on some systems)

On today’s show the Avalanche discusses a play called “The Miracle Worker.” This  broadway musical tells the story of Helen Keller, the famous writer, reformer and academic, who was born visually impaired and hard of hearing.  However, the producers of the play did not select a disabled actor for the role of Helen. A theatre critic for the New York Times talked about this on CBC Radio lately — The Avalanche says he was dissing the people with disabilities. The Avalanche is joined by Diane Dupuy, founder of Famous People Players theatre, to discuss the topic.

We  also listen to a clips from a show called Handi-Link, which is broadcast on CJAM radio in Windsor, Ontario. Handy-Link’s host Cam Wells speaks with Tracy Walters, National Director of Independent Living Canada.

But first up on the show : Best Buddies is an organization that helps to find companions for people with disabilities.  Stefan spoke to members of Best Buddies chapter in and around Montreal.

Stay tuned!


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