Off The Hour ~ Nov. 13 2009

CLICK HERE to listen to the Friday,  Nov. 13 edition of Off The Hour.

On this edition of the program, we’ll hear about the Vancouver based Pacific Rim mining corporation. In this segment, researcher and anti-mining activist William Castillo responds to questions about the National Coalition Against Mineral Mining, the challenges and succeses in the movement against mining, and what Canadians should know about Pacific Rim’s lawsuit against  the Central American country El Salvador.

But, first we turn to global climate change. We’ll hear an interview with Jim Hoggan, who is co-founder of the blog and co-author of the new book Climate Cover-Up which uncovers the greed and selfishness of the climate change denial industry.

And as the world prepares for the Copenhagen climate summit in December, we will talk to Felix Von Geyer and Grace Barasso, who are actively
following the developments taking place around the world as nations try to come together next month to forge a new climate agreement to
replace the expiring Kyoto Protocol.


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