Non-Status Women Haunt Justin Trudeau’s Office: “We Don’t Exist”

Image credit: Ion Etxebarria.


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This past Friday the Collective of Non-Status Women of Montreal held a public “haunting” outside of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s constituency office, right across the street from Jarry metro. Since delivering a letter to his office last November, appealing for amnesty while describing their extreme precarity as women and workers living without permanent or legal status, the women’s collective has been waiting for a response. In January 2016 they renewed this call in a press conference.

As stated in their open letter to the new Prime Minister:
We are women and mothers who live and work in the shadows, invisible and excluded. We live in precarity because of our immigration status. Our precarious status threatens our security, our liberty as women, our rights as workers, our families. We live here; we will remain here. This is our home and our children’s home. We want to live in dignity, peace and stability; we want an end to the fear that constantly tortures us.

Open Video-Letter: “We want to live in Dignity, Security and Peace”


This piece was produced by news correspondent Claudia Edwards.

Migrant Justice Organizations Petiiong Canadian Governmetn to Remove Mexico Safe Country List

CKUT’s Sula Greene spoke with Karla Lottini from No One Is Illegal Vancouver about a new petition on demanding that the Canadian government remove Mexico from its list of delegated safe countries. They spoke about Canada’s economic and political interests in maintaining good relations with its NAFTA partner and the human rights crisis that continues to unfold in Mexico.

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Demonstrators March in Support of Migrant Justice

10307200_10152201372055945_1615779973675634822_nCKUT reports from the Anti-Deportation March, held on Saturday, May 7th, in downtown Montreal. The march was organized by the Status for All coalition, which stands in support of migrant and indigenous rights, and fights deportations, detentions and the double punishment. It was a part of the coalition’s “Anti-Deportation Days” being held throughout the first two weeks of June. Off the Hour’s Hailey MacKinnon brings us a short report from the march to learn more about the coalition’s fight for migrant justice.

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Citizenship: A Right or A Privilege?


On Tuesday March 11th, Carla Green and Amelie Phillipson hosted a live panel discussion on Off the Hour. The panel centred around the question: citizenship: a privilege or a right? Carla and Amelia spoke with Malek, a Montreal student who has gone through the Canadian immigration process, Jaggi Singh from No One Is Illegal and Solidarity Across Borders, and Noa Mendelsohn Aviv from the Canadian Civil Liberties Association. In the wake of Immigration Minister Chris Alexander’s proposed changes to Canada’s Citizenship Act, they discussed what Canadian citizenship means now, what it’s meant in the past, and what it will mean in the future if the amendment passes.


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