UQAM and Concordia Students United Against Political Threats of Expulsion


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On September 16th, a hundred students from UQAM and Concordia Universities, part of movement No Tribunal For Students, walked between their two universities to demonstrate their solidarity with the students threatened of expulsion by the Universities`administrations.

Following spring 2015 strikes , many students of Concordia and UQAM were charged in front of disciplinary Tribunals for disobey the Universities regulations codes. Among other things, they were charged of disruption and obstruction of university activities.

Students are claiming for the abandonment of the charges by the Universities but also to recognize the political nature of these complains.

Interview with Judy Rebick at the People’s Social Forum, Ottawa


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CKUT’s news collective spoke with Judy Rebick, the founder of Rabble.ca, and a life-long feminist activist, at the People’s Social Forum in Ottawa. Rebick reflected on previous failed attempts at organizing a cross-Canada social forum, and why this one worked at this moment in history. She also shared her hopes and organizing visions for what could come out of the PSF.