Take Back the Night in Montreal – Feminists March for a Safer Concordia

(Photo: ACAB Media)
(Photo: ACAB Media)
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This past Friday November 21 was the annual Take Back the Night march hosted by Concordia Center for Gender Advocacy as part of their ‘A Safer Concordia’ campaign. The march from Guy Concordia to McGill campus opposes gendered and sexual violence and  promotes safe public spaces.

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Panel Discussion: Beyond Jian – Confronting Rape Culture

Artist: Faviana Rodriguez (www.favianna.com)
Artist: Faviana Rodriguez (www.favianna.com)
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[This panel originally aired live on Off the Hour November 7, 2014]

Beyond Jian: Confronting Rape Culture

As Canada and the world react to the Jian Ghomeshi sexual assault scandal, CKUT’s Off the Hour looks deeper at the issue, beyond celebrity culture, beyond the stigma against survivors, and beyond Jian. Powerful feminist voices speaking out online, in the streets, and in our communities. Continue reading

Looking Into Sexual Assault at McGill, part 2

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter
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In recent years, several high profile sexual assault cases have come to trial in North America. The issue is now coming to light in Montreal. In the second instalment of her series on sexual assault at McGill University, Camille Baker speaks with the dean of students who’s been involved in writing the university’s first policy on sexual assault.

Min Fami book launch


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The voices of Arab feminists have come together in an anthology packed with insights on the themes of home & homeland, exile, feminism, borders, gender and sexual identity, solidarity, language, creative resistance, and colonization.

Leila Lemghalef from the CKUT News Collective attended an intimate book launch recently held in Montreal.

We’re about to listen to a snapshot of presentations from the mouths of contributors themselves, followed by a discussion on some salient themes. We are going to hear the voices of Ghada Chehade, Nayrouz Abu Hatoum, Maha Zimmo followed by remarks by coeditors, Ghaida Moussa, Ghadeer Malek as well as a broad exchange of ideas.

Hosted by Ken McMurray from Friday Morning After.

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Interview with Ghadeer Malek on Min Fami

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An Arab Feminist Perspectives Book Launch takes place Saturday evening in Montreal at the Concordia Community Solidarity Co-op Bookstore. Ahead of the Book Launch, Leila Lemghalef spoke with coeditor Ghadeer Malek out of Toronto. Malek is a Palestinian feminist activist, aspiring writer, and spoken word poet, and she currently coordinates a young feminist activist program. She will be at the book launch alongside coeditor Ghaida Moussa and several coauthors. Here is what she shared as a preview to the event.
The anthology is published by Inanna Publications and Education Inc. Again, the launch takes place between 7 and 9 pm Saturday Oct. 4 at the Concordia Community Solidarity Co-op Bookstore at 2150 Bishop Street in downtown Montreal.

The Best and Worst Cities for Women in Canada


The report on The Best and Worst Cities for Women in Canada, released by the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives, was met with widespread acclaim across the country.

Off the Hour’s Andre Goulet spoke with Kate MacInturff, the report’s author, to explore some of the statistical data and to talk about what Quebec’s doing right.

[audio https://ia902501.us.archive.org/14/items/KateMcInturffInterview/Kate%20McInturff%20Interview.mp3]

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Andre Goulet also spoke with the organization’s executive director, Kathryn Travers.

[audio https://ia902502.us.archive.org/10/items/KathrynTraversInterview/Kathryn%20Travers%20Interview.mp3]

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Study in Action opening panel (March 20th, 2014)


Listen back to the opening panel of the Study in Action conference, on the theme of “Struggles of self-determination”.

Christina Xydous spoke about feminist anti-racist opposition to the Quebec charter of values (this speech is in French).

[audio https://ia600700.us.archive.org/30/items/ChristinaXydousSpeechAtStudyInAction/Christina%20Xydous%20speech%20at%20Study%20in%20action.mp3]

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Amanda Lickers (Onkwehonwe from the Turtle Clan, Onondowaga nation) spoke about the fight against oppression systems which destruct social and cultural infrastructures (this speech is in English).

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Gabrielle Bouchard spoke about gender self-determination (this speech is in French).

[audio https://ia600707.us.archive.org/5/items/0324SIALuttesDautodeterminationDiscoursGabrielleBouchard/0324%20SIA%20luttes%20d%27autodetermination%20discours%20Gabrielle%20Bouchard.mp3]

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