Demonstration Against Shock Treatment: Report from Site


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An important international demonstration happened in Toronto on May 16, where people gathered to protest against psychiatric electroshock treatment. It was organized by the Coalition Against Psychiatric Assault (CAPA) and happened simultaneously in over 25 cities around the world.

CKUT’s Kateryna Gordiychuk had a chance to interview Don Weitz, an insulin subcoma shock survivor before the demonstration, which you can find HERE. He shared why the protest is a historic event and what is special about it. CKUT wants to thank Aishwarya Singh for being present during the protest on May 16th and providing the materials for us, which allowed CKUT to report on its happenings.

The gathering included many shock survivors willing to tell others about their experiences, either by reading from the book or by a spoken word, to prevent further violence from electroshock activity. There was chanting and passionate cheering, which proved just how much the subject should be addressed.

Image Credit: Wikimedia

The Anti Capitalist Convergence: a worldwide battle gets local

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As we reached the end of the Anarchist festival in Montreal last week, let’s not forget that anti-capitalism movements are still in full-swing. CLAC, a Montreal organization that regroups several anti-capitalist movements, has been involved in the fight against capitalism for several years now. This radical left organization contests economic institutions and regularly organizes demonstrations against major international meetings such as the G8, the G20, and even the F1 Grand Prix back in 2012.  CLAC organized a protest action, on June 10th, to bring attention to the problems underlying the 20th international economic forum of the Americas. What the problems can an anti-capitalist movement run into in Canada? How does the CLAC get its message across? We talked to Fred Burrill, a member of CLAC, who was at the demonstration on June 10.