McGill University accused of withholding information on Military Ties

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(Photo Credit : Demilitarize McGill Facebook Page)

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CKUT spoke with Cadence O’Neal, an antiwar organizers at McGill. Students claim that McGill University is displaying increasing desperation in its bid to stop students from learning about military research on campus. The McGill administration is shelling out for an expert access-to-information legal team, Raymond Doray, which is going to new lengths to block ATI requests about military research, according to a press release issued this week.

Since 2012, McGill has been in court against a group of students from Demilitarize McGill, who
have been attempting to file Access to Information requests on the university’s ties with
military contractors and weapons companies. Up until now, the university has refused to comply with the requests.

While her request was filed in her first year of university, Cadence will have graduated this year before having access to this information. The request, which pertains to thousands of emails, is being contested by McGill on the grounds that they are not official property of the university. Other students who have filed requests for McGill have also been waiting since 2012. The fact that McGill has blocked these Access to Information Requests until now leads many to suspect their deep involvement in military contracting.

In October, the students will return to court to continue to press for their requests to be honoured.