The St-James Drop-In Centre Seeks New Home

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In the core of Montreal’s downtown, the St-James Drop-In Centre provides a multitude of services to individuals grappling with homelessness and mental illness. Due to changes in the Church’s leadership and the enforcement of its new guidelines the Centre chose not to renew its lease. Primarily, the new leadership’s requirements were not in line with the Centre’s mandate and collective goal. Therefore, due to various changes, the St-James Drop-In Centre is currently seeking a new home preferably located in the downtown area, where its services are needed most.

On Friday, May 20th, Sarah Berry and James Falconer, two members of The St-James Drop-In Centre’s board of directors, were interviewed by Soraya Mamiche for the CKUT new collective. During the Interview Sarah Berry and James Falconer discuss relocation, homelessness in Montreal, and StreetSuds (one of the Centre’s most prominent projects).


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