Roma Family Face Deportation

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On Thursday 12th May, Katalin Lakatos and her 17 year-old daughter Gilda are facing deportation back to Hungary. The Lakatos family arrived in Canada in 2011, after leaving Hungary due to the racism they experienced as Roma; which led to the suicide of Katalin’s oldest son in 2004, near fatal neglect of her youngest son and sexual threats to the two women.

The family’s application for refugee status was refused. But the family decided to remain in Canada, joining the estimated 500,000 undocumented migrants who live in Canada today. In February 2016, Katalin’s husband and youngest son were stopped on their way to work and sent back to Hungary, where they have found life extremely difficult. Katalin and her daughter handed themselves in to the authorities and they are now asked the Trudeau government to overturn the deportation decision made by the former government.

The migrant justice group Solidarity Across Borders has been supporting the Lakatos family. CKUT’s Rose Woolhouse went along to a press conference to find out more. Here is Mary Foster, a member of Solidarity Across Borders, explaining the family’s situation.

For more information about the Lakatos’ situation and to show your support, visit:



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