Students For Syria



An innovative group of McGill students have formed an initiative called ”Students for Syria”, which aims to support Syrian student refugees. The group came together through the McGill ‘Living Learning’ Community; a program in which first-year students living in Solin Hall residence work on long-term projects under the guidance of a faculty mentor.

After hearing that a school for Syrian refugees in Turkey was in desperate need for teachers, the students decided to take matters into their own hands. The group launched a pilot project in which they spend one hour a week tutoring Syrian students over Skype.  The aim is to help the Syrian students prepare for the Test Of English as a Foreign Language exam, which is needed to apply for English-speaking universities.  The project has sparked media attention and ”Students for Syria” are now running a crowdfunding campaign, in which they aim to raise $25,000 to help support students who want to study at Canadian Universities.

CKUT’s Rose Woolhouse had the chance to talk to Phoebe Colby, one of the founding members of ”Students for Syria” about her experiences working on the project and the impact it has had on both the Syrian and McGill students.

To learn more about Students for Syria visit:

To learn more about the crowdfunding campaign and to donate visit:–2


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