Spatial Justice & Community Engagement: The Right To The City Project

Based on watching interviews, students from oral history and theatre classes embody, perform and discover the identities of Point St. Charles community residents in a speed-dating exercise. Photo Credit: David Ward.

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On Saturday December 5th masters and bachelors students from four different departments at Concordia University participating in the Right To The City course showcased their final projects and performances at Share the Warmth/Partageons l’espoir in Point St. Charles. Share The Warmth is a citizen-led resource founded on the principles of social economy, education as a right, food justice, and community self-determination. The RTTC course project is founded on the concept of spatial justice and accessibility, addressing industrialization and gentrification both within working class neighbourhoods and within the ever-changing urban landscape.

Off The Hour discusses with organizers and students about the significance of using arts-based methodologies, insights, and play to create shared intentionality for social change. We also consider the movement away from the charity model and towards a social economy model in community support organizations.

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This interview was produced by Claudia Edwards.