A History of Activism at Concordia



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On November 19th the group Concordia Against Austerity invited members of the Concordia community who participated in pinnacle moments for political and social justice initiatives, which helped shape activism on campus and the world at large, to share their stories.

Concordia is a breeding ground for activism. From the computer riots, to the G20 organizing, to the Printemps érable mobilizations, activism has always been a big part of the Concordia community.

At the event six panelists shared a 10-15 minute story of an activist venture they took part in while they were at Concordia (for their full bios please visit

First speaker, Rodney John, who was active during the 1960s computer riots at Concordia (audio at 0.05).  Second speaker, Laith Marouf, who is half-Palestinian, half-Syrian and was involved in shutting down a scheduled speech by Israeli PM Netanyahu at Concordia University in Montreal 2002 (audio at 15.43).  Third speaker, Alex Matak, an activist who was deeply involved in the 2011-2012 student strike (audio at 40.12).  Fourth speaker, Yves Engler, “one of the most important voices on the Canadian Left today” (Briarpatch) (audio at 57.24).  Fifth speaker, Dr David Bernans, one of the founders of two unions on campus (audio at 1.09.00).  Sixth speaker, Robert Green, a former CSU president (1.18.00).  After the discussion there was a period of audience question time (audio at 1.32.00).




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