Ahousaht Nation Resist a New Salmon Farm in BC

Credit: ecosocialistsvancouver.org
Credit: ecosocialistsvancouver.org

Click HERE to download the Mp3 File.

Canadian western province British Columbia has been a popular site of salmon farms and has determinedly been targeted by many corporations wishing to occupy the land for fish extraction. Not only has this action significantly decreased the amount of fish in the sea, but it has also directly harmed communities dependant on that very supply of seafood. The Ahousaht Nation faced this problem at the end of September when a Norwegian-based corporation Cermaq attempted to establish a new farm site on their territory.

On September 21st the Ahousaht Nation made Cermaq pull anchors on the new salmon farm located north of Tofino, BC. This would be the 17th site if Ahousaht people didn’t prevent the action from happening. Such corporate developments extract the necessary means of nutrition for the nation, as well as limiting the job opportunities for the Ahousaht people, having previously promised many more.

CKUT’s Kateryna Gordiychuk spoke with Lennie John, an Ahousaht tourism business owner and the first one to notice the unsanctioned action, to find out more.


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