Report from Site: July 1 Anti-colonial Demonstration in Montreal

Image Credit: Kateryna Gordiychuk
Image Credit: Kateryna Gordiychuk

Click HERE to download the Mp3 File.

July 1st in Montreal proved to be very eventful this year. A tiring Moving Day for many, for most Canadians this day is associated with celebrating Canada and its unity. The Anti-colonial Committee, however, weren’t so happy about the idea, so they held an anti-colonial demonstration in the heart of the Old Port, instead.

Comprised of 50 to 60 people, the members marched in the pouring rain and chanted “No to colonialism, no to Canada!” They encouraged the crowd  to think about the premises on which the “free Canada” was born and to be cautious about the statements that are often made about its land and peoples. They gave examples of numerous atrocities done towards the Aboriginal population of Canada, people of color and different “racial” background.

CKUT’s Kateryna Gordiychuk talked to one of the enthusiastic members of the demonstration to find out more.

To listen to a pre-demonstration prognosis of one of the Anti-colonial Committee members click HERE.


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