Anarchist Bookfair Live Broadcast


Credits: CKUT


Click here to download

On Saturday, May 23rd, CKUT did a live broadcast from the Anarchist Bookfair in Saint Henri, Montreal. The event gathered artists, booksellers, zinesters, distributors and groups from all over Montreal, Quebec, North America and beyond. Over the course of the weekend, they were sharing their publications and materials, most of which are hard or impossible to find at mainstream book stores. Furthermore, there was the Anarchist Film Festival, featuring alternative films and documentaries, and two themed rooms: the Autonomous Media Room led by CKUT, and the Anti-Canada room.

The live broadcast features interviews with Marianne, a member of the organization team, publishers, local and international artists and book lovers; such as Beehive Design Collective, AK Press, DIRA, On Our Own Authority Publishing, and many more. All of these punctuated by great musical breaks!

CKUT’s news coordinator Aaron Lakoff along with the radio’s members Antoine Cadaux, Anouk Millet and Anya Sivajothy, and some new faces.


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