The Baltimore Uprising in Context: Interview with Pastor Heber Brown III

photo credit: Arash Azizzada
West Baltimore on April 28th 2015, photo credit: Arash Azizzada

Click here to download audio. 

On Friday May 1st the Baltimore City State Attorney, Marilyn Mosby, announced publicly the charges against 6 police officers involved with the murder of Freddie Gray. This comes as the first step towards justice for Freddie Gray, who sustained fatal injuries in police custody, and died a week after he was was chased and arrested by officers on Baltimore’s west side.

In light of the recent protests Ellen Payne Smith, from CKUT’s News Collective, connected on April 30th with Pastor Heber Brown the 3rd, a justice advocate, activist and community leader on the ground in Baltimore, to hear a grassroots perspective.

The coalition that Pastor Brown mentions in the interview is Baltimore United at and you can follow Pastor Brown on twitter @heberbrown.


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